Help raising funds for a sick famous little child in Poland

Hello folks,

it breaks my heart if I see children fighting various sicknesses which prevents them from living a life which we are accustomed to… and every know and then, it just kicks me out of my daily routine.

This little sweetheart here is Hanna Łączkowska, quite famous in Poland but not famous enough… She suffers from a rare sickness called SMA1 which (as I translated myself in my head) leads to muscle degeneration. As she gets older, she gets weaker and weaker.

The only hope rests on a gene therapy in the USA, which costs around 2,6 million dollars… Half the money is already in. Her case on the specific site called broke every record. “Siepomaga” means something close to “helping” reg. sick cihldren. It’s a platform to support cases like sweetheart Hania.

There are lots of people trying to help like a dude who drove around Poland just for her…

Now, I see we have Project Discovery and PLEX for good (which I never knew about). Can we do something in EVE to help that little girl on her journey towards health or anything to help getting the attention of other people?

Couldn’t link more than URL’s as a “new user here”.

Respectfully and totally devastated…

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