Nyx will jump into Gehi at 7pm EVE TIME on Saturday 8th June lets have fun

(Quebber) #1

With reference to Hunt for 750 plex event, live streamed event Morose kill went well thank you (update for Nyx)

Paola would have been so happy to see how that event went down, you all made me so happy.

Thank you.

Why am I blowing up a Nyx?
Part of it is a thank you to the community who made the event so amazing last weekend, my situation is quite unique (yes my Senior Psychologist said that and the only specialist in my field who is available I will have to wait until August to see him, made the appointment in December).

I am not only dealing with an ongoing illness, Bowel Cancer having had 40% removed and now we are keeping an eye on a 6mm nodule in my lungs, even a PET scan was inconclusive/false positives due to its tiny size, all we can do is wait.

Diagnosed ADHD, (lifetime) Diagnosed preliminary somewhere on the higher functioning Autism chart, Reactive depression 21 years due to the love of my life being given a no win cancer diagnosis, PTSD recent diagnosis.

The grief of losing my best friend, partner in crime and love.

I didn’t think I would be able to do anything for the rest of my life, I am broken in ways I never want to see happen to someone else, I could just stay on sickness leave forever, no one will take me off but I don’t want that.

But what I can do is stream, game, cook, talk and entertain, it seems I am okay at it, in time it will become my career, I can talk about mental illness openly and cancer, I can discuss and talk about being a carer for an amazing woman, I can champion games as a way to get through the darkness a lot of us face and tell Paola’s story.

Lets blow up an expensive thing for Paola, for the gaming community for what all of this means to us.

GEHI at 7pm EVE Time 8th June.

Live Stream will be from 6pm EVE Time

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O7 thanks for sharing and good luck!

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This is happining
You have time to get to Gehi system

Paola <3 Quebber