Hunt for 750 plex event, live streamed event Morose kill went well thank you (update for Nyx)

**On Sunday (yes I got the day wrong 2nd June at 7PM GMT(UK) TZ, I will undock an old Cyno alt in low sec, he will be flying a badly fit T1 frigate with 750 plex., nope nope someone kindly donated a Morose so I will be undocking in that.

2nd of June was her birthday

After advice from people far more knowledgeable than me, we are delaying this for 2 weeks so we can get the word out to the most people possible.

I hope that is okay.
This even will be streamed live from my Twitch channel
Undock location will be given out in real time as I wander low sec and then into 0.0 if I make it that far.
This is a cyno alt so even though an old character it has not been trained too well.

Why I am doing this?
Both myself and Wife left EVE in 2015 when her illness got worse (she fought an incurable cancer for 21 years) she died on November 20th 2018, the story about how it happened is here.

It is to celebrate her art which prints are available from our webpage and my new beginning as a streamer and content creator on YT and Twitch.

The reason this is something to celebrate is 8 weeks ago I was at the point of suicide (Loss of Wife after 21 years as her carer, Mother diagnosed with early onset dementia and is now in late stages and a vegetable, no close family, ADHD diagnosed, PTSD diagnosed, Reactive Depression, somewhere on the autism scale high functioning, Bowel cancer ) I didn’t have much to live for, 7 days after Paola died I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and over Christmas had 40% of my bowels removed, I have a CT scan every 2 months because a nodule appeared in my lungs, I couldn’t game or do anything that we shared as a couple

I think if anyone had a justifiable reason to end it all then I was a candidate but while saying goodbye to games I was convinced to instead start Vlogging my experiences and telling the inspiring stories of Paola’s fight againt unbeatable odds, Streaming and Youtube, after all what did I have to loose, what could the world hit me with that I hadn’t faced worse.

I still can’t game on my own but I can when streaming, I even do food videos.
Now I have over 170 Twitch recordings, 172 followers, 600+ videos on YT and 330 subscribers.

I am broken, I may never leave my house again but I can be connected and inspire people through those channels, my videos will always be half assed and unedited, I sometimes even forget to turn on the lights. but it is enough.

Rules for this event
I will not redock once undocked, I have no bookmarks setup and after being away for 4 years I shot a yellow wreck and concord killed me on my first day back :slight_smile:
My subscribers and followers gain no advantage this is a give away hunt event.
But you may want to watch the stream to know where I am.

If you catch me you can just shoot me and pray to the loot fey but once locked down and unable to warp if you do not kill me straight away I will jettison the plex, then you can kill me so I get home quicker.strong text

Thank you to everyone who went to the event it was amazing, and now for the location and time of the Nyx kill, 7pm EVE TIME, Saturday 8th June, Location Gehi Low sec.

Lets have Glorious fun.


My condolences.

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o7 my respect

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o7 May you find solace

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This is a lovely thing to do and a lovely tribute. I have read your posts and looked at Paola’s art- it is beautiful work.

This reminded me of something that might bring some light to you. There is a band called Coil who has been a huge inspiration to me over the years. Never famous, but a major influence to me and many other artists. Both main members died several several years ago and left no estate, but their community has assembled a huge amount of their work on the Internet Archive for anybody to find and I have spent the past several days discovering things I did not know existed.

The reason this is important is that, in many ways, this archive of their work allows them to live on. Their ideas, and personalities, and passions will continue to persist as long as somebody remembers and can experience it. Moreover, I have shown this to other people and now they live on with them as well. I see this with Paola’s art. I did not know her, but I have seen her art and her beauty now- perhaps that means that she will continue to live on in some way with me as well.

Art can make somebody immortal. Thank you for sharing her.

As for your situation, I wish the best for you. Search for joy where you can find it, and take peace as it comes. Remember, you don’t have to try to be happy and strong forever- just one more day, one more hour, one more minute- whatever it takes. Be in the moment, and those moments will add up as long as they can. And I hope they add up to a very long time to come.

Peace and strength to you, my friend.

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Hi Queber,

English isn’t my first, nor second language. And I’m also not a writer. I can’t write as beautiful and readable posts as for example Leah Crowleymass can. Despite all this I hope that it would make some sense.

I went through Paola’s art works and I find enormous joy brimming from many of them. They are excellent, preminent. Her photos are very powerful. She had to be a wonderful person. And so is you.

Did you look for a professional help or you walk through this all alone? No need to reply here. You wrote no close family. You might get too far where there is no return. Please don’t take this as a mean advise. It is not.

Sometimes even the strong quits, where others carry on. But when you strip all of them from everything, then you find equally miserable beings.
People naturally resist the stripping. But life is imperfect and sometimes it happens and then it’s problem.
It is no wonder that some people waste themselves for good in some situations. The catch is, why some people don’t and why they carry on instead.

I very much recommend Erich From: Escape From Freedom (written in 1930’ but will be on Amazon in English) where this amazing author toughes topic of impossibility of loneliness of human as an individual. The book is about much more though.

Your story is heartbreaking. Yet, you’re not alone. The light which you’re going to find will be unique to you though.




Thank you all, we are delaying it for 2 weeks for two reasons,

  1. its her birthday on the 2nd June it seems fitting to do this then and 2) get the word out.
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