Help Test Server

I need Help getting on the test server its starting to make e mad cause i really need to do some practice runs of missions and abyssal pls help!!!

My character is old enough and i thought it might of just been cause i had changed my password since last mirror but since 6th idk anymoe

Well, have you tried turning it off and on again.


Give us more infomration WHAT you want help with?
What is not working?

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i wanna know why i cant log on if my character is old enough wats the only possible problems

turn what on and off that makes no sense

Neither did your initial post. It’s like calling a car mechanic saying your car won’t start, it’s not helpful without explaining what exactly is wrong.

All I can think of, your character was not there when the last mirror happened of Sisi.

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It could just be there is no sync yet that has you in test. They normally on update it once they actually want to people to test game stuff. Which is what it is actually for.

Not for people to try things although that is what many do…

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If your account and character were both created before June 26th, then yes, you will need to use the password you had set up at that time. If they were created after that date, you will need to wait for the next mirror, which is expected this month but not guaranteed.


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