HELP Tutorial Question from part 8, battle in the ruins: Please Help

This is regarding Tutorial question in EVE: Online in tutorial part 8: battle in the ruins, from perspective of an Amarr
i need to know the location of the battle to get there to complete my tutorial since i’ve wandered off into some other solar system and now i dont know the name of the place where the battle is going on.
Need you guys’ help with coming out a way to find out the location of the battle in the ruins in “Amarr” . Will be super greatfull if answered. Thanks

On the left side of your screen is an icon that looks like an open book. It is called the Journal. Open it and your mission should be listed in the first tab - if you right click it you should get details. I’m sure there are other ways, if that doesn’t work.

If you look on “People & Places” there is a folder for Agent Locations (or something, I forget exact wording), it should list the locations you are supposed to go to for any active mission iirc.

The mission locations are always at the bottom in the People & Places window.

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