Help: what ship can kill Drifter in Triglavian Space?

Hi there, I’m trying to increase standing for both triglavian and edencom.
I filament in with a frigate, but once I jump 100km to the dirfter site. I died quickly and i cant kill a single drifter.
What ship and fitting can kill them? or at least one before die.

Don’t bother. My kind don’t drop anything and have no bounty. One drifter battleship can one shot a faction battleship even a tanky one with their super weapon.

A true Drifter? Maybe none of them. Perhaps a Marauder could do it solo or other very tanky Battleship.

The sleepers, maybe something smaller, but nothing cheap.

You really need a fleet to engage them properly. If you don’t have one, stick to using the other NPCs as your fleet mates in which case you only need a Vigil and some luck that the other NPCs manage to kill the target. You still will likely die regularly, but most of the time you should be able to warp off, and even when you don’t you should be able to lock and target paint one before you do explode.

Hey, check out this totally unrelated guys’ videos, maybe they’ll help you.

Edit: Well, I’ve had a few more up there. I guess “Highlights” don’t last. :roll_eyes:


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