Here is an ideea!

Cut to half skill training que for omega with the new patch maybe more people will like the ideea that to train it doesn’t take forever . To have an even chance in a pvp … PEACE !!


Training times were cut for subscribers when learning skills were removed and character stats got a rebalance.

Balance demands that any cuts result in a nerf elsewhere, we’ve already seen an example of this with the battlecruiser skill, it used to be non racial and one skillbook got you all four races of BC if you had the prerequisites to fly them.


I Have an alpha with what would be 2.5 weeks of omega training. I do just fine in pvp.

After the base of base skills sp only opens up options pilot skill counts for way more than skill points


Battle ship, max smart bombs and scout alt in a pipe.

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PvP is player skill based not sp skill based. Also learn to specialize then if you feel your not strong enough statwise :].

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PvP is SP based, at least in the first several months to a year of playing EVE, after that, then it is almost purely skill.

But yes, specializing helps.

less than three weeks… not months not a year less than 3 weeks hell you can out fly pilots with only a few hours of training if you know what you’re doing


Have you considered it takes several months to a year to develop decent situational awareness and ship knowledge? That’s what wins fights, and that’s why it’s hard at first. New players merely assume it’s about SP because that’s what they don’t have. Grass is always greener and all that. Of course SP plays a part, but plenty of vets get kills with rank new alpha alts.

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hell many of us do it for fun. me and a few friends like to roll new toons a few times a year when nothing exciting is happening and see who can get a 10 kill mark first.

it does make me wish that on biomassing i could select an option to free the name back up. i feel bad thinking a throw away toon may be taking a name someone wants

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Noob’s in corvets and frigs, carebears in indies don’t count.

Only morons think that EVE’s training system takes too long or holds people back. It is superior in many ways to most other progression systems in games that rely solely on you grinding NPC or events or whatever to progress. In EVE, in contrast, you progress your skills all the time whether you play or not. And, controversially or not, you can also progress faster by either using implants to speed up your training time or you use pay to win skill injectors to receive days worth of SP immediately.

And for your convenience I added a link courtesy of @ShahFluffers that explains why only morons think EVE’s training system is bad. I expect your gratitude for taking my precious time to educate you.


You quoted me but did not reply?

I was quoting you on new players taking a long time to get the skill to use ships properly and the other guy Lugh Crow-Slave
saying his new alts get kills all the time and I was saying , What, your new alts get kills on new players and indies in a specific range all the time?
I’m not impressed Lugh.

In other words, I agree with your assessment and am not impressed with Crows probable targets.

Evidence or merely speculation?

Getting 10 kills on brand new toons kind of limits the prey to a narrow field.

Not really. It limits the targets to new players and anyone else who is older yet not particularly skilled. Which is a significant portion of the EvE playerbase.

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What older players are not using insta cepters to go from A to B or flying something that a fresh account have virtually no chance to take on 1v1, excluding corvets T1 frigs or indies?
or unfitted hulls being repositioned/moved.

No. These kinds of ideas have discussed to death. You want to progress faster get out your credit card and use injectors.

Older players with a new character.

Then they are old players in a new char vs another old player in a new char, not much of an accomplishment.