Here is how to gain neutral standings to triglavian npcs

Keep alternating between shooting either side (EDENCOM first, then Trigs) until the ticks cancel each other out and put you in the neutral zone, as far as I can tell. Not a whole lot different from usual faction standing changes, but definitely a lot more tedious than before.

I knew there had to be a solution! I just want to run my freighter through trig invaded/controlled systems without getting obliterated half the time. I have a cheap Ibis sitting around, I can go take a few potshots with that.

It depends how lucky you are at hitting the sweet spot.

It took me 3 days lol but it took a friend only a few hours.

You still have to be careful though.
I warped into a group of angry trigs and they shot my stratios lol :laughing:.

It doesn’t happen often though

One time while I have been flying in astero uncloaked, some trig frigate was on field in an asteroid belt, and it just pretended it doesnt see me. I flied to it to few km, it still didnt do anything. Ignored me for whole time I have been there. I had like +1.0 standing with EDENCOM.

The standing systems still appears to be a bit screwy. One of my alts is at -0.02 for EDENCOM (intended for running EDENCOM sites, so I don’t really care about balancing standing there), and EDENCOM rats can still appear as white at times, though Gunstars do appear red. Could be legacy code rearing its ugly head.

Hey I tried this method and managed to become neutral with the trigs, but now edencom is ganking me! I did the same for them but now BOTH are hostile and destroying all my ships. Is there another option?

Yeah, I tried this method, and worked for me. I killed only 1 EDENCOM frigatte, and I have +0,1 standigs with trigs, and -0,1 with EDENCOM. I tested at least in 10 systems, and both EDENCOM, and Trigas are neut for me. I also used this opportunity, and did a few millions with moving stuffs through trig infested systems :smiley:
But would be good to know is this a bug, or a feature? I don’t want to loose any ship because CCP will change this without informing us…

Neutral standings are not intended for Trigs/Edencom. CCP already patched it once and you can expect another patch as soon as they find a way to fix the current loophole.

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Question…and I didn’t feel like reading this whole thread for the answer, so hopefully nobody has asked it yet.

What’s the standings range to keep it neutral for both? I tried this method of shooting and running, but it didn’t work. Kept doing that, but nothing. Then, I decided to just kill one of their battleships. Maybe I should have killed something smaller…?

Anyway, I now have a standing of -0.002 with Edencom, and +0.002 with the Trigs. Did I go too far? The Edencom ships are white, but the gunstars are red. I haven’t been shot at by them yet, but I never stick around long when they are nearby. I’m about to go and fly by one with a noob ship just to see, but I thought I would ask.

Thanks in advance.

I’m not sure about that. I feel like they’ve already done what they can with the coding they have, because if they wanted to make the selection of sides absolute, they would have done so already. Besides which, I guess they’re using the clothes are an incentive to break neutrality as well, since it’s +0.01 relations to either side at minimum, and way more for better wardrobe.

I wonder if it’s a ‘rounding issue’ ? Perhaps the display says +/- 0.01 but the actual internal value held has more precision, so it’s actually +/- 0.009 or +/- 0.011 ? It’s like copying the probe scanner display to a spreadsheet, you’ll often see a decimal difference between the Probe Scanner percentage display and the spreadsheet percentage display, due to the different ways they calculate the display value.

It sounds a bit obscure, but I used to do this sort of stuff for a living and it was amazing how often an obscure bug was due to exactly this issue.

When I compared the standing I listed previously, I actually only gained a 5th of what is listed in my table.
However I know that a standing with edencom of -0.00001 is good and reachable pretty easily. However being rounded to -0.01 is too much.

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The answer now is to kill Drifters or Rogue Drones - any ship/structure kills for these groups that give a faction standing penalty to their factions will give a derived standing gain for both Trigs and EDENCOM. You can get to +5 Trig/+2.5 EDENCOM via Rogue Drone derived standings, for example, due to the faction relationships.

Cleared out several rogue drone sites and received ZERO standing increase for either faction, even waiting for an hour to update. My standings of .001 for EDENCOM is good for white standing, while my -.001 Trig standing makes me red although both standings round out to 0.00 in my overall standing.

If i kill drifter drones in high sec at the gates will i get good standing with trigs ?

The only one that seems to work is the one with structures you blow up. If you blow up the structures, it affects your standings - the drones themselves do nothing.

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Thanks for the heads up. Will attempt tonight following work.

I also did some level 4 missions with alot of rouge drones, but got 0% standings increase.

Anything that grants a faction standing penalty with Drifters for being killed (almost all structures, some high-end ships depending on faction) will grant a derived standings gain with factions that are enemies of Drifters - the same as with all other factions.

Factions with positive relations will move in the same direction (both down for ship kills in allied factions), while factions with negative relations move in opposite directions (ship killed faction moves down, opposing faction moves up), with the derived gains being relative to the degree of friendship/animosity as displayed on their respective faction relationships charts.

So if someone actually wanted positive Drifter standings, they could hunt Trigs and get derived Drifter gains.

So what are the new ways to get standing with the Trigs now that the patch is out? Or does anyone have a walkthrough for going about getting standing with them since the patch?