Here is how to gain neutral standings to triglavian npcs

Shoot Rogue drones and get + standings for trig and edencom. Apparently you can be blue to both now

Check-out first…

Don’t farm standings by abusing structure standing mechanics to the exclusion of the rest of the content; fully clear any missions or sites you run, and you will be fine.

Is it still possible to get neutral standings with Edencom and Trigs by popping an Edencom ship - to get -0.0001 with each or has this been diddled.
Many thanks

Nobody knows. Not even the Nordic gods CCP bows to. In fact those Nordic gods have just given up on CCP altogether because their post-modern approach to everything is just… senseless.

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You are better popping a faction both are hostile to and gaining +0.1 to both.

Thanks for that
I take it your talking drifters - I’m finding it difficult to work out what to go for - not sure what the ‘Drifters’ tbh - I’m thinking Autothysian Lancers - but not certain so may be completely wrong - they seem all over the place at the moment - and don’t know if I can take one down with my Vexor Navy - never tried as I’m fairly new to this sort of game play.
I was thinking - initially get a neutral standing - (so I can move around safely) then can work out how to boost the standings to get into trig space

As far as I can tell, nothing outside of the new Triglavia systems will give standings benefits to both Edencom and Triglavians. Not even blowing up drifter battleships will affect your standings (as reported by others)

Thanks Xeux - looks like it’s system dodging time - it’s a serious pain

Be nice if we could bribe them in some way or pay a toll booth fee, just passing through don’t mind me…or better yet if a member of your corp in a leadership position can give you a pass or crystals that signals your part of his “corp” so leave alone. In my corp there is 6 collaborators , I was ordered to stay on Edencom side by the corp Admiral. Guessing that crystal / signaler would take too much memory. So bribery would be best lol :wink:

Yes, or a secret password, corporation dwelling there with good standings could use for their own peeps to gain full access to Pochven, Like “Zorya UwU 69” or something like that. Known only to the members.


Why do we have to go to this lenghts of fuckery jsut to live in HS is beyond my understanding.

Half the player base jumped on drone sites to exploit the standing gain when they were “Broken”. Now the other half needs to travel into gankland where you will be killed 123524354321% just to live in HS without blowing up in every other system there is.

Why cant we jsut simply get standing killing their hated enemies? Why does it have to be different from any other NPC faction/corp in thegame? Where is the consistency. Why dont players who got standing for both in a drone site got any derivered standing loss for gaining standings with a faction the other faction is -10 with?

Like either fix the standing system for Edencom and the Triglavians so they work as any other faction or jsut remove them for HS completely.

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And, why don’t social skills work on Edencom and Triglavians?


Because these NPCs simulate EvE players, not EvE characters…


Too meta for my limited mind to grasp.

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That’s just bollocks

OK, missed the sarcasm… but still :slight_smile: