Hey CCP I know you are busy but maybe

You can not warp to any of the Forward operating bases on singularity in HS. They don’t exist in the system but the agency is showing them in system. I took a leopard and traveled 75-100 systems and they all are broke. Seaming the new content on tranquility would be nice to see how polished the AI is before warping in blind to a FOB on Tranquility.

You need to use a expanded probe launcher and combat probes to scan the FOB when in its system. The agency warns you that there is a FOB in that system but it does not provide the exact location.

Then why does the agency provide you a “warp to” button. And yes I Added FOB to my over view and even with max scan skills and reticulated scan implants no base.

Eh, I don’t know why the Agency provides a “warp to” button, I hadn’t noticed that.

There is obviously a mistake: either you should be able to warp to them, or the button should not be there. As far as I know, you are still supposed to combat scan them first, but I may be wrong…

So you did combat scan them and found nothing? That’s weird, and the last kills I know of are from December. I don’t know… I haven’t looked for FoBs themselves.

yes i combat probed the systems and made sure fob was not filtered out. my theory is you had to combat probe them down in the past but in a minor effort to get content on tranquility they nerfed having to scan it down. a lot of dead interceptors on zkill from the fob. looks like the station warp scrams you but i don’t know. would really like to test this with something bling but it has been broke for 5 days on test server.

Here are two dead fobs for January 12 https://zkillboard.com/kill/67253247/ and https://zkillboard.com/kill/67247384/, that means that they can be found and warped to.

Thanks but we are not talking about Tranquility we are talking about Singularity (test server). you can warp to the FOB in HS with out issue on the main server (tranquility).

Access to the FOBs is turned off on the test server ostensibly so that you cannot test strategies without any real risk. I am sure the inconsistency between the agency and the scanning is just a result of the method used to keep the players away from the sites.

If you want to take them on, just go do it on Tranquility.

LOL Dude never in the history of the game has CCP turned off something on the test server so people don’t figure it out. If that was the case C6 C5 C4 etc… wormholes would be off in addition to all escalations.

Well they have wised up are are turning it off now.

The Shipyards and FOBs are not on the test server:

Thank you for the reply. I read that post. Because it was 2 months old I figured it was just talking about the FOB that were hidden in null. The ones prior to the crappy agency iteration. This game is sinking into the abyss.

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