Hey CCP, please steal this idea

If you guys ever decide to allow anchoring structures in pochven, it’d be really neat if in addition to the normal fuel requirements, they required a weekly fee of Interstellar Navigation Logs.

The fee would be paid at any of the NPC stations. If the fee is not paid, the station would behave as if un-fueled. Possibly in addition to that, but more difficult to pull off; if the fee isn’t paid, a large hospodar fleet would also spawn and attack the structure.

Anchoring citadels should also require Corp Triglavian standing of 7.0 or higher with higher Corp standing granting a progressive discount on the weekly navigation log fee.

Then to avoid the obvious workaround of a 1 pilot alt holding corp, limit structures based on member count in the corp.

5-10: 1 structure

10-20: 2 structures


Or some form of scaling system like that.

But wait, you ask, why navigation logs? Because they are generated from Pochven players engaging in the content. Observatory flashpoints, world Arks, other combat sites and wormholes, and looting/salvaging throughout pochven all generate Interstellar Navigation Logs. Quite a lot of them. Arguably too much currently based on how the price has dropped dramatically over the past year. And that’s not to mention how many are likely out there sitting in people’s hangars because they’re just so cheap, they don’t seem worth selling.

Adding this new way to spend them would not only go a long way toward getting their price a bit healthier, but would also make pochven content more lucrative, and therefore more competitive. On top of that, it would prevent citadel spam in Pochven if the weekly fee is managed correctly. There are a limited number of combat sites in pochven at any given time, so the output per week would have an upper limit and is not scalable indefinitely.

As more structures are anchored and consistent demand for nav logs goes up, they would act as a somewhat flexible soft cap because any attempt at farming them would still be limited by the fixed number of combat sites up at once. Plus, the economic consequences of excessive citadel placement would likely prevent the demand from reaching anywhere near the true cap in the first place.

Food for thought.

Thanks for reading!

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Why steal something that has existed in the game long before your char was even born: Amarr Empire Starbase Charter - EVEMarketer

as for how to acquire them: Your concept would make it possible for one group to control who can establish structures in Poochven. With the limited number of combat sites available as source of these logs, it would be extremely easy to control this aspect of Poochven as it is already the case with who runs these sites.

A better system would be the sale of these charters by NPC and use their NPC price as control mechanism. The more structures appear in Poochven, the higher the price climbs, similar to how offices in Empire NPC stations work. This way, no one can control the availability of the charters. They would only have limited control over the price, which does not prevent establishing structures in Poochven by any group; it’s just getting more expensive to do. It would furthermore create a much needed ISK sink for the completely out of control Poochven faucets.


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Very good ideas! But the 7.0 is not really a blocker, because you need only one char per structure.

Having charters for citadel operation costing ISK and nav logs would be ideal. They can come from the LP store.

@Zhalyd_Lyehin nav log supply can’t be fully controlled in Pochven, as they drop from any dead sleeper NPC. But if it happens, CCP can tone down the supply from obs sites.

Pochven was much better suited for the “little guy” when nav logs still went for 100k or 50k a piece.

“Out of control pochven faucets”

Gotcha, perhaps you checked the MER and aren’t aware that highsec accelerator flashpoints are also included in the pochven total…because CCP…
There’s a Russian group that farms those relentlessly (and basically risk-free because highsec) and accounts for a signifiant portion of that total. And even if that weren’t the case, it’s not like there’s no risk involved in Pochven. Look at the total isk destroyed in the region too. High risk, high reward content is healthy for the game and generates a lot of fun fights.

Quoting this line as proof that you have no idea WTF you are talking about.

The rewards in Pochven are the driving force behind the massive heavy armor battleship brawls that take place in Pochven every single day.

We undock super-blingy battleships EVERY SINGLE DAY and brawl it out with rival groups EVERY SINGLE DAY specifically because the Pochven ecosystem makes it possible for us to do so.

You are suffering from an acute case of Scarcity Brain. You can’t stand the thought of anyone in Eve having fun on their own, so of course you demand that part of the ecosystem get nerfed.

■■■■ off.


~wheeze~ :+1:

Complains about income being too high in an area of space that functions like null-sec, but is accessible to everyone, with a permanent blackout, and without the capitals. As if the income isn’t justified based on the dangers involved and inability to block-control everything with a bot farm and titan umbrella.

A real class act.


It’s like the most interesting part of space in the game, and if not for the NPC standings idiocy that CCP pushes on players who don’t give two shits about PvE content, I’d probably hang out there permanently on at least one character.

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FWIW, the standings are really not that bad to get. Granted, 7.0 for home systems (or theoretically for anchoring citadels, as I suggested) is a serious grind, as it should be. But 2.0 for basic npc station services, super easy.

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How long would it take?

And would this be dual standing where I can still go through high-sec Edencom systems without isue?

You’ll basically want to go around the pochven circuit and kill rats in Torpid Sleeper Hives, and Incipient Drone Swarms. Occasionally you’ll get an Agreus Tyrannos or Orpheus Tyrannos spawn on the last wave of the sleeper hives. These drifters don’t actually have doomsday weapons, so they’re fine to engage with sniper ships or tanky close range ships.

The drones are basically worth nothing for standings, what you’re looking for there are drone battleships, carriers or supercarriers. They’ll have a ton of HP, but if you clear out the drones themselves the carriers don’t do a ton of damage on their own.

You can also find these types of rats on nullsec or J space wormholes in pochven.

Both of these types of rats give dual standing.

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Thanks, I’ll take a further look at it at some point.

How many hours would it take to do solo?

In cyno jammed space and your content is hidden behind gates so that no one can surprise warp onto you.

You are suffering from an acute case of delusion. :wink:


Will depend greatly on spawn luck and on which systems the sites spawn in. If they’re in multiple adjacent systems, you can get multiple ticks going at once. If a lot are in the same system, you’re stuck waiting on ticks. Really rough ballpark, expect to spend about 20 hours to get to 2.0. Will be faster you do it, via multiple systems, but if you’re just sitting in one system getting a tick every 15 minutes, that’s probably about what it’ll take. For reference I did the grind to 3.0 in a single system before the gates were unlocked and it took me a couple weeks of pretty regular play because sleepers weren’t always available. Just edencom. And sleepers give much better standing ticks.

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Very fun idea! Even if it was lumped into the same time cycle as fuel blocks (hourly) it would still be a very neat way to manage structures in Pochven, seeing as how the ways to get the nav logs is gated behind the fact that there are only so many mobs to kill! And I would love for the trigs to just go hostile to those who don’t fuel their stations appropriately…

Despite some pushback from someone who doesn’t know the space, I think this is a very cool idea! @CCP_Swift @CCP_Rattati Any thoughts here? :smiley:

(I loved hearing the dream of implementing the idea of trig mining ships, please, please make it happen!)

I mean this in a nice way, but have you spent much time in Pochven? Despite what certain characters from certain groups have said previously, it is few who make substantial isk in Pochven, and I do have to add, it is a very active sub-cap combat zone. Billions are lost in a normal day in Pochven.

Selfishly, I appreciate somewhere where the solution isn’t to just upship to Capitals, but rather get creative with what one can use in the space. :slight_smile:

Love this idea.

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