Hey gankers: how would you take down THIS hi-sec mining team?

FYI, I can think of at least 1 solo streamer who has jumped his bomber into regional nullsec gates that are lightly camped in attempts to bomb + torp down any nearby bored gate campers as he comes out of gate cloak. I don’t recall his name but I recall seeing a clip of a failed attempt where he didn’t notice an arty Maelstrom far away on grid before he left gate cloak, leading to a funny moment of confusion in that instance.

I thought Anderson’s addition about gate cloak being aligned north was helpful – as it matches other oddities with alignment within the solar system. For example: certain acceleration gates will only ever point “north” in the system, which is great to know for dscanning offensively or defensively. Your reply after that helpful tip was suddenly overly defensive…

No you did not.


No idea why he went full-retard mode.

I’ve mined and ganked and been ganked a long time, so I can tell you there is no defense. Your best bet for solo mining is a quiet high sec system with 1 hull tanked to hell orca and 2 expendable covetors, and have 2 procs in the ship bay to swap out to so you can keep mining when your covetors start attracting the trolls in local, when in doubt swap out, unless you just really want to attract the trolls, then by all means fly hulks.


Been a long while since i mined in hi-sec but pretty much agree with this.
I’d max tank the Orca and also cut down on any bling.
Then i’d work out the max damage, a maxed skilled T2 Catalyst can do in a 0.5 system, and fit the coveters so they have an EHP against void ammo slightly above this.
This means each coveter will likely need minimum 2 gank ships (i.e a T2 + T1 catalyst).
By doing this you’re following the premise of that ‘you don’t need to outrun a lion, just be quicker (or a lot less attractive) than the people around you’
(Using Hulks is just asking for trouble)

As for the drones, i dont think they’ll matter that much when compared to damage concord dish out.
Years back ECM drones were considered more likely effective against a gank than combat drones but i’m not up to speed with the current ECM mechanics.
Also ganking is essentially a DPS race, so while medium drones might look good DPS wise on paper, in practise they could be slower than light drones in applying damage, which needs to be factored.

A short time ago we decided to mine in a ganker system , now we are not miners and wanted to try and understand how it can be undertaken with gankers around . We had a small protection fleet and a scout and mining numbers went up and down throughout the op.

Eventually the gankers came , now if we actually were mining for isk , we should have left at this point when we spotted the ganker in local .

After a long time spent fighting gankers you get a feeling when a gank is about to happen , I called out in fleet , get ready gank incoming. Our ships prepared and the gankers attacked.

Now we wasn’t optimised for efficient mining and had ventures buzzing around too . They attacked .

And failed, we did have one suprise for them we had a cloaked frig sitting at belt fitted out for Ew burst .

They warped in locked a barge and open fire , our burst went off , they lost their locks and our burst pilot zoomed out of range as they relocked our frig pilot. Lucky Concord was on its way and they all died.

So you can mine in high but precautions do need to be taken .

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You forgot the most important part, did the gankers say anything? :wink:

Yes it was Aiko her self and she never shuts up , well after the gank went south it went a bit quiet, then the salt started.

:popcorn: :salt: :salt: extra :salt:

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So let’s be honest your mining fleet was not there to mine ore but to be a salt miner griefing those innocent gankers. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t get this at all. Why?

It’s like saying you wanted to do yoga balanced on the wing of an airplane while it tried to take off.

It’s a pointless exercise. If you want to help miners avoid gankers tell them to mine in quiet systems away from hubs.

This is where I take issue with the “nobility” of your cause. Because if you actually gave miners good advice about where to mine then they wouldn’t get ganked nearly as much and that effects your content. You can’t anti-gank without ganking so it’s in your interests to feed a narrative about mining safely in busy systems because that creates content for both gankers and anti-gankers. From that point of view there is little difference between both groups. You are both using these miners as your content one way or another.


The pointless exercise as you call it ,worked well , a good why to survive a gank ,

After that we helped one or two groups of miners mine why we stood guard at the gates and have burst cover at the mining site , we even got a flashy red as he left gate cloak.

So I can’t see your point , if gankers move away we move on to the next target , come on this is eve, tyranny and terror are in every jump , it’s target rich for us.

And no guarding miners wasn’t boring after training corp members offer up time to cover a mining fleet so I think we did about 1/2 hour guard shift and the next guys took over .

Mining fleet safe we got isk and a dead red flashy .


Btw if any group wants cover drop me a mail in game

hmm…simple typo or Freudian slip?

What does Githany know inside? One wonders…


:poop: :smiley: Probably

4 cats for each hulk, I like over kill. If i’m bored ill bump the orca away with a mach.

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Not sure if that’s possible anymore.

770dps * 19s concord response time * 4 = 59k EHP.

Hulks will likely have more EHP than that now, see this thread.

So let’s take 2 more catalysts and make it 6 catalysts per hulk. If the hulks aren’t brick-tanked, they might die.

Next, I’ve heard rumours that bumping an Orca doesn’t have much effect anymore when the Orca is using the new industrial core. I haven’t tried it myself, but I can see how it may work. I’d love someone to confirm this.

Seems it’s a lot harder to gank a mining fleet now. Especially now that Hulks can be off grid much faster with their agility and mass boost.

Is there a cooldown time before it can be re-engaged?

I have 20 gank alts. Your shits dead kiddo.

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@Faylee_Freir can we try and stop you , it could be good fun , have some kind of competition event creation, I like fighting Slavers Union, your skill lvl has improved no end.

In my experience if you are hoping to survive a gank by reps or tank then you are setting your self up to fail, no matter how elaborate your plans are.

If you want a hope of being able to warp away before you are pointed you have to see the attack coming before it lands and actually be moving towards your intended warp out location.

lastly as tempting as it seems it’s never a good idea to tell the other side what you are planning.

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