Hi-Sec Tears Advice

I’m looking to get into some tear harvesting in Highsec and maybe other areas of space as well. I’m an Indy pilot looking to play the other, fun side, of Eve. I have 6 accounts and plenty of isk. One of my first thoughts is a small fleet of Catalysts and one logistics guy. Another thought is station ganking.

With 5 catalysts what would be some good targets? I’m sure the .5 systems are better because of more vollys. What else would be a good activity?

What other tear reaping activities could I pursue? Maybe MTU hunting?

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That’s all fine for short, sharp infusions of saline. In my experience the best spite and anger has always resulted from infiltration, which with the introduction of alpha’s allows for a whole realm of possibilities and multiple assaults on the better nature of others.

But yeah, a few cats in lower end systems will cut it if you’re looking for cheap thrills.


Lets say I wanted something a bit more expensive? Mission runner baiting seems like a tedious and long, less fruitful because you don’t get many to aggress, process. Maybe trying to catch haulers in pipes or at popular low to high sec system gates?

Don’t underestimate the stupidity of mission runners. Mission baiting can be highly lucrative in terms of tears and treasure. Yes, there are frustrating days when nobody wants to aggress but overall it is pretty great.

Right now my basic formula is to plant alts in corporations and just kind of assess what the best way to ■■■■ with them might be. Sometimes they have stuff laying around that you can steal, sometimes it is worth wardeccing them, sometimes you can convince them to fly something expensive into an ambush in lowsec or a wormhole. There doesn’t seem to be any clear formula to corp infiltration like there used to be back in the Belligerent Undesirables heyday, but there are still ample possibilities if you get creative.

Or you can certainly gank plenty of things with 5 catalysts. I’m sure CODE. would be happy to give you some pointers.


Ganking will give you the tears you want

Also ganking threads on here also give plenty, although you don’t get those nice Russian mails


I’m also thinking that highsec moon miners might be good targets as well. Might be a bit harder if they are the ones that own the structure attached. Faster response if they have one.

Wait, I’m confused.

Is this a “We Love Tears” thread?

Or a “Why Won’t People Stay Subscribed?” thread?


Sorry you’re so easily confused. Move along now.

You didn’t answer the question sweetheart. I’m still confused.


if you’re going to suicide tank, that one logi won’t help much, concord cannot really be tanked. Better to use him either as a scout, ship scanner and/or cloaked warp in for your catalyst gang, or as a 6th catalyst pilot.

I meant logistics as in literal logistics. A scooper.

Don’t do it like the pros.
Don’t download ISBoxer and cheat.
Don’t stream it.
Don’t delete all proof of your cheating on your stream channel once someone mentions you’re using ISBoxer.

Just saying.

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Well technically the isboxer being banned does bring in a selection of tears especially when its done on a stream for all to see.

ISBoxer isn’t banned. There are specific functions that are optional to use within ISBoxer that are prohibited, such as input broadcasting.

ISBoxer is commonly used as a window placement / management tool as well as managing your system resources within your Eve clients.

Plus there actually are uses where things like Input Broadcasting aren’t illegal, such as logging in all of your characters at once.

The streamer that is referred to here wasn’t using Input Broadcasting to gank or otherwise using ISBoxer to cheat. Those were some good sarcastic tears from the previous poster though.


I just enjoy watching youtube videos of streamers being banned for using Isboxer improperly.

I see your reading comprehension is still bad!
Or eve mechanics! I reckon both!

Im sorry you cant understand what a forum alt is, perhaps a dictionary?

Calm down dear! I understand you are anxious that anybody knows who you are !

Of course you don’t care, why you never leave the station!

Which station are you refering to? You assume to know a lot about me dear!