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If you did your research you would know that Skiffs and Procs are mostly ignored, especially in higher security systems as too many ganking ships are normally required. So right there you are going to greatly increase your odds of even being a target in the first place.

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According to you, 0%. You have stated that from your personal experience there is a 100% success for the gankers and 100% death for targets.

Then how do you know the chance of survival needs to be adjusted at all?

Is it currently less than 50% and you want things to be more dangerous?

This proposal is even less clear now than it was before.

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This is known. It was also mentioned already. It looks like you have not read the whole thread?

Look, I am all for people coming here and bumping my thread… but is sometimes tiring having someone coming here, not having paid attention to what has been going.

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THAT is a false dichotomy. There are gankes because players are uneducated. But you are totally ignoring human nature: GREED.

Why fit a ship properly when you can increase your cargo space or yield a little more…How many miners use a Higgs rather than a drone bonus rig? Not many of the dead ones at least…

Sorry but no, I didn’t read all 300± posts…deal with it and stop using that to worm your way out of answering properly.

Pinned in the forums…pretty much covers everything.

…or should a paper copy of this be hand delivered to every new player and read to them out loud?


The only information I have.
I invite gankers to share their stories of scouting woes, the one that got away et cetera.

However up until now no gankers have really bothered to address this part… seeing as people tend not to read the forum posts anyway, even sometimes the ones they reply to… I am not surprised.

50% seems like a fair rate. If changes like all the ones I have been mentioning are made… and more people get ganked… then we will know I was wrong.

But up until now, noone has really been talking about the kind of ideas I have had with regards to this*. They have just been talking about how it is unfair to want to “nerf” their play style and how they are “not breaking any rules” and all the things the gankers normally say.

For the last 5 elections I have been talking about ideas I had that might make things more interesting. In the CSMX thread there was a bit of discussion with the “other” side… it actually worked quite well. But now… I put up ideas and nothing even remotely constructive comes back.

Because everyone is dancing around on the very start, and arguing about how the very premise is wrong… (which is hard to prove in either direction because CCP does not give us any real data to play with). I also posted some ideas that might improve things… but noone really talks about them, and why they suck.

And of course, I need to state again that this thread is not going to change any significant voting decisions… and I am fairly sure that noone is really going to be bothered to come now and read through the whole thing (to readers: feel free to leave a reply if you have actually come to this thread after this date and time and have actually read everything…)

This ganking thing is just one of the things on my list of stuff that I find important. And it is not even the most important.

*of course none of it is very important, because ideas and stuff are not what the CSM is there for.

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Im not trying to worm my way out of answering properly. I am just not interested in answering the same questions and points again.

Deal with it.

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So you are saying that anytime a ship is scanned and a target is selected, then from that point forward, there is a 100% chance of death?

Surely you are joking?

So no matter what people do (eg. tank their DST’s properly, use MWD/Cloak, use a webber, have an exit cyno for a jump freighter, properly scout and decide to dock up and wait, etc.), they’ll be ganked regardless?

How does someone who decides to dock up and wait until the area is safer, still get ganked with 100% certainty?


NO I am not saying that.
That is outside of my personal experience. Which is what I was talking about.
EDIT:I am looking forward to hearing stories of ganking fails, if anyone wants to present evidence to the contrary.

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But your still saying that the gank is the whole process and not just the bit where the gankers have been on grid with you and shot you?

How is your personal experience then even relevant, if you don’t even know whether gankers have selected you before but they changed their mind, or didn’t have the fleet available, etc.?

Or are you saying that you don’t take any precautions when hauling, so you know there is a 100% success for the gankers every single time they’ve selected you?

If it’s the second case (and I assume it isn’t), then learning how to haul properly might change your view on things.

You are sticking to this, there is 0% chance of survival at the moment, but surely you know that isn’t true if you are saying this proposal is about the whole end-to-end of a gank.


Low sec mining is fun :smiley:
source : I multiboxed covetors with porpoise in ice belts in rancer area

I have been saying that for nearly 5 years.

It is all I have, and it is a starting point.

Other than the losses on my killboard I don’t usually haul stuff that is worth ganking. I also go out of my way to avoid the hotspots. I also posted above about my experiences hauling.

What number should I give it then?

I would also like to say, that focussing on haulers is not the only issue. Sometimes I think it is a waste of time to just focus on Haulers or just on Miners / Mission Runners… because a lot of the mechanics involved apply to them all.

There has to be a starting point in order to develop the idea.
And how would I know it is not true.
And up until now there has not been any even anecdotal evidence presented about it not being true. I am open to discussion… but the most of what happens in these sorts of threads is not discussion… as you can see.

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I’ve posted before that mining in Provi felt much more like how mining in High Sec should be.

Glad to hear that.

3M isk for every killed mining barge in provi, 10M for exhumer. Starting now. Just send me killmails in game.

ok, so starting with your desire for 50% chance of survival, what is your experience end-to-end from the selection of a target to actually ganking them?

This whole time I’ve assumed you are not a ganker and so have no personal experience at all, aside from being shot by gankers.

Maybe my assumption is wrong.

You won’t get discussion because you are constantly deflecting and avoiding providing actual answers.

I stopped travelling out to Provi when the stations were turned into citadels. Somewhen I will go back.
NRDS was fun.

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Well, than I have to say you missed sarcasm. Nullsec is too safe.

Also how did you achieve this safety? Was it through intel network, fleets and shared information? Or just randomly being safer than hs? Would you go afk while mining in provi?

And you want to be a politician? LOL…good start…