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It looks like the dropping containers pays off!
Another happy message in my inbox when I logged on!

Don’t forget to vote for someone… but if you are reading this you are probably aware of the elections and are going to vote!

You have been added as a contact
From: ANON
Sent: 2018.05.14 18:36

ANON has added you as a contact with Good Standing.

Just seen your ad-box in Mehatoor. Will be voting.

ANON (local seller)

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Haven’t carebears gotten enough buffs in the last 5-odd years? Not least of all, like certain mining barges being able to field damned near Battleship level EHPs, just for starters.

We won’t even mention how entire play-styles have been effectively eviscerated (Well OK, I just did, but you know…):

–Namely, ninja salvaging/looting, Orca hot-swapping whilst ninja-baiting (but not station-humping undock games, gotta make sure the lamers who spend real money in the cash shop keep theirs) can-tipping, can-baiting to counter can-tipping, to name just a few.

Or how many creative uses of tactics have been simply eliminated:

The most egregious example of this that I recall off-hand being the Tornado on-grid “bootlegger-turn”

Well, plus ca change, and all that, innit.

You already have a more than 50% chance of “walking away” from a gank:

  • Fit a Damage Control II.
  • Fit the largest Shield Extender your chassis and/or fitting skills permit/s.
  • If you have mid-slots left over, then fit shield hardeners. (And yeah, turning them on helps a lot.)
  • Fit shield rigs in the rig-slots to shore up your two weakest resists --Your overall goal is an omni-tank with slight bias to Kinetics and Thermal and secondarily to EM and/or Explosives , as the most popular gank ships do either Kin/Therm (the Gallente hybrid boats) or EM/Explosive (Minmatar arty-boats).

Even the (non-)problem of reduced mining yields can ultimately benefit the miner:

Assuming demand stays more or less the same, then the reduced supply means you can gouge up mineral prices for as far the market will bear (and if the general prices I’ve been seeing recently are anything to go by, then it can bear quite a bit.).

Adapt, and reap the benefits, FFS, stop demanding everyone else sacrifices for you in exchange for nothing.

That is NOT how EVE is supposed to ■■■■■■■ work.

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It’s like someone just read the opening post, and skipped the last 4 years worth of discussion to dump some pretty words… again.

Not if the gankers have done their job properly.
But instead of just commenting on the opening post, now so close to the elections… why not read the other stuff as well. Bring yourself up to date on the current state of things?

Or, I tell you what. Don’t vote for me.
Vote for someone else. Just vote.

(Tarryn Nightstorm) #68

Because it’s clear the discussion hasn’t changed in all that time.

I’ve been reading your stuff (among others) --it makes ^that^ painfully clear.
Nothing’s changed, and nothing’s going to, and we all know why.

I had hoped that the HiSec candidate would be a generalist, with at least half a favourable eye towards the ne’er do wells (such as those even are anymore) not just another “One more nerf!” chanting carebear living in their own little non-interactive little bubble.

There will always be a bigger fleet and a bigger ship eventually --if you’ve planned around that assumption, then your losses will be minimal, and rare.

(What’s stopping you from aligning to something once The Dreaded™ --you did set them red if they were already known to you, didn’t you?-- enter system, and then spamming short-range D-Scan until you know it’s time to warp out? D-Scan isn’t just for 0.4 and down, OK.)

And thanks: I wasn’t planning to, but the reminder is appreciated.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #69

I don’t consider myself belonging to the “one more nerf!” crowd… because as I have previously said… that “one more nerf” never will be enough… because of how the game is and is intended to be.

Have I made any concrete suggestions or ideas that would make things worse for the ne’er do wells?

Anyway, please do remember to vote. However the “non-block” votes are spent… they are still not enough to demonstrate “non-block” interest in a player-elected focus group for CCP to work with. Whatever and whoever is voted for, the non-null-block contingent of voters needs to increase, before the non-null candidates fight over the division!!!


(mkint) #70

My general vibe of this candidate is a lot like one of the doesn’t-work ideologies IRL. Good intentions with no real connection to reality. A sort of benevolent extremist. Well, extremists are bad. In this case it comes across as a savior complex: “Only I can save you from yourselves!” Yeah, no thanks.

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I just don’t understand the world I live in anymore, when this is viewed as a bad thing. Gtfo of here of you already are convinced you aren’t planning to vote. And the world might just be a nicer place if those who knew they could make a difference chose to make that difference. Just saying.

(mkint) #72

Because ALL extremists think they are benevolent. NOBODY thinks they are self serving yet self sabotaging. I know bringing RL politics into the game is bad, but “benevolent extremism” is why [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted] all fail for the exact same reasons. They are just as selfish and corrupt as any other form of extremism. The most optimistic outcome you can expect in this kind of position is benevolent incompetence.

edited because I don’t want the whole post deleted, which feels likely because nobody from any ideology can accept criticism.

(Oreb Wing) #73

I just experienced a fallout from my previous corp for criticism which was based purely on misrepresentations. Criticism is good, if you have your facts straight and the belief system is fundamentally broken, and not just those who fail to correctly apply/interpret their code of whatever.

I agree that if good intentions (no matter how well meaning) consistently backfire and create negative results, something is obviously wrong. I don’t think that’s the case here, as the OP has stated before their position on ganking and such things.

I should add that I believe there’s a big difference to systems in theory and in practice. Results should speak* for themselves.

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Thank you for stopping by.

Um actually, you didn’t need to edit your post.
The text that you wrote about editing it is actually the reason I would want your post deleted! I can accept criticism.

Fortunately I am not the one in the position of being able to censor the forums!

My general vibe of this poster is a lot like on of the doesn’t-understand-the-csm… things that have been going on since CCP flew the chairman to iceland for the emergency goggle thing, (before he did his wizard hat thing…).

I you don’t like me then vote for someone else. Just please vote for someone.

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Just vote! :wink:

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So the CSM elections have started.
I checked my email.

I got a mail from CCP:

"Free MPT Certificates
On Selected Omega Packages"

Which I guess says it all…


Whatever. Just vote!

(DeMichael Crimson) #77

I voted for you.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #78

Thank you!

There have been a lot of messages coming and going. In the heated fervour of the last days I have not had time to keep up with the forums.

Anyway statistically speaking, pretty much everyone that is going to vote has already voted. Coming is the time of the weekend warriors.

There is a reddit AMA with CCP Guard going on. I asked questions. One even got answered.
If you have questions it is kind of now or never!

Just vote!!! If you cannot find or cannot be bothered to find anyone to vote for then vote for anyone. Player participation is everything.

If you cannot be bothered to research candidates, then maybe check out some bloggers that you trust.
@Mike_Azariah was a long time CSM member, and has published a list on his blog that is more or less identical to mine… (more later). Check it out!

(Penance Toralen) #79

I have voted for you and wish you well.

Some bears actually do care.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #80

Thank you!
It is hard to see the gems for all the rocks out in high sec.
Everyone should try spreading the word to get the participation in the elections up… whoever gets voted for!

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I am sorry that I have been neglecting to keep my forum thread bumped near the top, but my time has been spent in other ways… and here is an example fresh from my EVEmail:

To: Lorelei Ierendi,

Good evening

Now it’s time for me to vote

Therefore, I have some questions for you

  1. Why do I have to vote for you?

  2. What is your main area in eve

  3. if you got to make one thing different in eve which will make the game better What is it ?

4 . Describe yourself with 5 ships and why

  1. What’s the best in eve which can not be changed

Thanks in advance for the answer

And my response:

From: Lorelei Ierendi
Sent: 2018.06.08 08:07

Good evening.

  1. You do not have to. Do your due dilligence and read what the candidates have been saying on the eve forum campaign thread, for example. Find the ones that best fit with your playstyle/world view etc. Vote for them. I am a High Sec candidate, and zkillboard says you tend to lose ships elsewhere. Vote for who you want to.

  2. My eve forum campaign thread has been titled “High Sec Candidate” for the last four elections. High Sec is my main area in Eve.

Do you by any chance have a large number of Omega vote-eligible accounts?

Because this is a lot of effort to go to for just one vote… especially when all the information is out there.

(My Campaign Thread Link)


The most important thing is that you do vote. For whoever. Vote!



(Lorelei Ierendi) #82

So I have voted on all my eligible accounts.

(Lorelei Ierendi) #83

The elections are over.
I would like to thank everyone that voted, especially those that voted for me.
I would like to thank the people that took time to talk to me in game, to spread the word.

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