High Sec Gankers - Luxurious Targets Await

CODE is the boogeyman that haunts whinebabies like @DrysonBennington to this day. A figment of their imagination.


Term used to describe someone who whines about something that has nothing to do with them.

NPC/SJW alternative definition.

Wow…that carebear whined about ganking calling gankers psychopaths…What a Whinebaby.

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Have u noticed when multiboxing the undocking process takes longer? Do not believe many are aware of that fact - just assuming server weather going on - not the case. Only mentioning before this whole convo gets side tracked.

Those who whine about perceived whiners are the biggest whiners of all.

Especially when the whiner never leaves High Sec and doesnt enage in real PvP where the other player has the ability to fight back and possibly defeat the ganker.

There are many high value targets, in Low Sec. But actually having to shoot something back that is shooting at your ship really isnt what Safety Code is about.

After all, if Safety Code did enage in consistent Low Sec PvP in blingy ships, the money train to whomever Safety Code is sending the money to, would end.

I wouldnt be surprised if Safety Code wasnt sponsoring upstarts in Low Sec. Low key pirate operations of a few dozen corp members.

I also have to wonder if Nina isnt part of Safety Code as well. Same mannerism, first name of the character is different with the same name, with one or two characters being a named variant or Commander who could possibly be using IP BC to manage the fleet.

Oh, shut up already.


“real PvP”


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That can’t shoot back? Does @DrysonBennington even know how to shoot back? This is what we call giving Pottymouth a good thrashing.

You really don’t learn , do you?

Every time you come into high sec you get your arse kicked, you can’t even take on an NPC by yourself.

You sure have lost a crap ton of proteus (17). I suggest you learn how to fly one and give mummy back her credit card.

Now this is sad, how on earth do you lose an ORCA to a frigate?

What is this I see? Now isn’t @DrysonBennington a bad boy?


Oh he found a diamond rat that’s unfortunate. I have never seen or fought them before but I know that the diamond guys are truly nasty, especially those afterburning logi Sansha ones.

Also, Mr. Bennington, I still do want to either have a few friendly duels with you (you sound persistent and we should both get some comical kills) or a short FW roam. I bid you please cease your ignoring of my invitations. At least decline if you don’t want to mate :).

I don’t duel. You know what part of Low Sec I roam in. The same for 'Itchy and Scratchy", anytime creampuffs.

You suck

What you say when someone has dissapointed you over and over, and there is nothing else to explain how you feel

You suck, I just thought I’d put that out there.

And actually fight instead of going for afk miners? Be serious

Dryson’s scared of Highsec!


Dryson Bennington is afraid to PvP in every sec! You heard it here first, folks.

Also, Dryson Bennington is a cowardly, blobbing F1 monkey.

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“I don’t duel.”

Sounds like another elite PvPer with whom we’re all so familiar.

He doesn’t duel, but he wants us to come duel him.

Ganked again

Oh ,he most certainly is , he uses cynos and stuff, like the other F1 monkeys

hehe whoops I didn’t think that through enough :')

I’ve seen him in the war zones fighting, so again your wrong.

In fact most of what gankers write here is wrong and the opposite applys. That is a true fact

Githany is wrong and the opposite applys.

That is a true fact

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