High Sec Gankers - Luxurious Targets Await

RIOT are pretty good at PvP. I would even go so far and say that RIOT is better then SNUFFED OUT.

The reason? RIOT doesnt cyno ships in and will fight with their fleet on the field.

I know and he asked me what groups im interested in

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Being in RIOT , you way say that, wouldn’t you? That’s a bit like @Githany_Red saying NEPF are good at PvP.

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I see them camping Hek for wartargets.

They engage you on the station when you try to catch them coming out.
Unfortunately, they’re bad.

I soloed a Hecate and a Condor together.

… in a Magnate!

As an alpha clone!

(RIP whoring Thrasher how dare you take my solo mark)

Then he got salty…

Yeah sounds to me like they aren’t that great.
Don’t insult Snuffed Out like that :frowning:

In all fairness…

two other fights…

If a solo alpha clone can punch up and destroy them regularly, you surely can’t call them elite. Also, there is absolutely no way you can claim unfairness when I engaged a Hecate and Condor together with a Magnate, and won.

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Don’t bring me into this

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I already did sweetie

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Um, that isnt possible unless you own the Hecate and Condor accounts and let the Magnate win.

Disrespecting Snuffed Out? But Titans for a pod?

Very impressive kiling a dessy that had no propulsion in a cruiser with the EHP of 3 dessys. What were your tactics? Did you bring the Dragon along the second time you killed him as he gave you a good spanking the first time with his small focused beam lasers?

They are not that impressive. Just included for completeness.

XD you actually think I staged that?
What part of “alpha clone” don’t you get? I physically cannot multibox.
Or do you not recognize that this can actually happen? What do you need me to explain?

The Magnate was AB Scram Web, two rockets and an autocannon, DCU double multispecs and SAAR in the lows, propulsion and rep rigs I think. The Hecate forgot Null S, only had an ancillary rep, and was MWD web scram, giving me range control. The Condor was simply an easy kill and I was able to kill it before the Hecate could three-shot me (It only got two good hits in before I pulled range, then I repped twice before he shot his single round of Null at me, putting me at 49 hull HP).

Bro needs to get out and fight more.

How are you physically not able to log in with multiple accounts?

Alpha clones cannot do that without multiple different computers running a separate instance of EVE each, and that is by design. If you are multiboxing as an Alpha this way, I am pretty sure it is against the EULA.

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