High-sec piracy should be more complex and interesting

Thats the thing. CCP can’t come up with anything more worthwhile for the pvp’ers anymore and so we have this. They keep this because they have nothing else to offer.

Not really when you read the Lore of CONCORD:

The Empires are more concerned about the risk of all out war between themselves than they are about capsuleers killing each other.

There used to be another part about the Empires also being scared of the power of capsuleers, so part of CONCORD’s responsibility is to ensure some level of control, but not outright stopping of capsuleers from shooting each other in the face.

On the grand scale, the Empires don’t really care any more about my freighter alt hauling stuff to sell to other capsuleers, than they do about the capsuleers that might try to kill me. We are all equally a risk to their power.

I can’t find that part at the moment, but will edit and add it if I can find it.

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…which is exactly what Eve Online needs.

Capsuleers need to live the history of the empires being in all out war with each other. Everywhere and all the time.

Funnily enough, there is a story about a large fight occurring a couple of years ago between NPCs:

Would be too much Tidi floating around if more nodes were hit by massive NPC battles.

However, from an immersion perspective I totally agree. It would be good to see and result in sights that many in highsec never see normally.

HiSec PvP, with the exception of the faildec mechanics, is the most engaging and fun gameplay in the game. It’s also the most complex set of game mechanics in EVE already.

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Unfortunately, this seems to be the crux of the problem. Neither the devs nor the player base can come up with a fix.

Whine about it all you want but pvp drives the game.

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So are you going to start ganking the enemy miners?

Honestly, a lot of you guys are giving OP too much grief for trying to suggest ideas that could help change the state of high-sec gameplay for the better. Yeah, his suggestions are not perfect but neither is the current system.

Currently, there is not really any risk involved in ganking unless you didn’t do the math (or just are really bad at it). You can know exactly how many catalysts you need to destroy your target before the concord response and whether their dropped loot is likely going to offset the price of the catalysts you used. Its a boring system with little room for counterplay. If you get caught, you’re usually dead if the ganker has done it right.

So while I don’t agree with everything OP has said, there were a few things I like and here are my suggestions to contribute to that:

When scrammed or disrupted, your ship begins an “escape vector” calculation if you try and warp somewhere (similar to the warp timer when you’re being bummped or can’t align because of a station or object). The duration for this “escape vector” calculation to reach 100% is determined by how many scrams or disruptors are on you and your ship size (larger ship meaning more time). The scrams and disruptors have stacking penalties similar to modules where the 4th brings little effect but having more could be important for if you start losing ships. The “escape vector” calculation will dissipate similar to heat damage if it is not used, but when used has a cool down period before it can be used again. (10 minutes for example)

I’m making up math, but here is an example (cruiser vs 4 catalysts):
60s (cruiser) x 1.5 (1st scram) x 1.2 (2nd scram) x 1.1 (3rd scram) x 1.05 (4th scram) = ~124 seconds
This would obviously need to be balance by CCP.

At the same time, the concord response starts immediately and this response comes in waves. Fast frigates and potential a cruiser come in the first wave. The selection is random and they can be either dps or logi. The concord dps will scram and begin attacking the aggressors while the logi will aid the target of the gank. Each wave brings a better selection of ships than the last until you end up with concord battleships. The time between waves are determined by the system security status (1.0 being a short time between waves) and would also need to be balance by CCP.

Importantly, with all of this, the ganking ships must have a chance to escape. If they are able to break concord tackle by destroying the ship scramming them or pulling range, they are free to warp away and dock up.

I feel that these changes would add a much more engaging experience. Which friends are you flying with now that its not so easy to F1 multibox? What ships and fits do you use now that you’ve got a chance of getting away? Do you focus on the logi, worried they will accumulate and make it impossible to kill your target, or focus the ships scramming you so you can get away?

I also like the idea of some sort of “emergency beacon” that can be dropped to create a warp in point. Do you warp to the “emergency beacon” to help someone in need or could it be a trap? As a ganker, do you split dps and destroy the beacon or focus you’re target so that you can get out quick.

Eve Online’s current system has been stagnate for a while and changes like this could help to revitalize the game. If you guys have any input feel free to add it but don’t give OP grief for making suggestions when the game could really benefit from good changes.

I think the pirate folks just need some mental health resources set aside for them. I cannot imagine what is gained from this playstyle. I agree that it makes the game more interesting, but what is gained by the individuals involved? They are basically player-run NPCs.

You don’t get bragging rights because everyone knows how it works. The ISK rewards seem too be very low compared to other endeavers.

Maybe young players?

IDK, I have not been able to figure it out since 2008. You ask one about it and the response usually sounds mentally unstable so that is where I’m leaning.

I mean, it’s fine, it actually adds some extra danger to the game, which is good for the in-game economy. I’m rich so a ship loss here and there is no worry, but I often try to understand it and I just cannot.

It’s thrilling. Putting together a fit in theory and examining the nuances of your DPS, repair rate, resistances, HP at each level, range of weapons, which ammo to carry, all to determine the engagement profile of your ship, judging which ships or fits you can take on based on previous knowledge, then going out and hunting targets, dodging becoming hunted yourself, and then executing upon your carefully laid plans by landing on a target, heart pumping, your plans on the line, in a manner that results in space explosions – theirs, hopefully – and then walking away from the experience, leads to an overall sensation of fun. In a game of all places.

And that’s from my experience in low sec piracy. I don’t think it’s any different for high sec.

But it sure is easier to sling IRL insults at players instead, it seems. :roll_eyes:

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Afaik… a long long time ago… people could warp off with criminal timer, then one day a guy docked in a player station and the player station got concorded… I wasn’t here, but this tale was around before my oldest alt was created.

So… who knows what is under EVE’s skirt… could be any type of getinals.

I have read your idea, it’s kinda interesting, would be great in almost any game and your ideas are kinda reasonable… but in EVE? I don’t know, it looks so different how EVE is.

That sounds suspect since there weren’t dockable player structures in highsec until Upwells.

We already tried tankable concord from what I’ve read. It ended badly.

Yeah, could be fake, but this story is still in my head for all these years, would be nice hearing from CCP about this for the lolz or for forgetting this story.

No, I’ve asked at least 6 or 7 different players and they just act all crazy instead of answering.

I think there is a serious roleplaying element involved. It is more than what you are saying.

I suppose it could just be as simple as being an asshole is fun I guess. I just never do anything without benefit to myself so it is hard for me to grasp.

You do not need to tweak your fit to 10 v 1 someone at a gate. Any fit will do.

By the way, that is the most reasonable answer I have ever recieved on the topic. I suspect you are not the norm in this area.

The biggest problem with High Sec piracy is that High Sec has a lot of easy to come by wealth, such as ganking freighters, which rarely exists in Low and Null, except for escorted runs between alliance stations and solar systems.

Who wants to take the chance of risking blingy PvP ships in Low and Null when more profitable results in a cheap throw away clone and catalyst in High Sec are 100% possible?

High Sec bears to much burden in feeding the mega alliances of Null due to ganking in High Sec.

To promote Low Sec exploration and PvP, I suggest some of the Low Sec systems that are hardly used, along with several Null systems under NPC control, be redesignated as 1.0 Island Systems. Gates into the Island systems would be protected by a no-locking or weapon use bubble that would first start out at 100km in diameter around each gate in Low or Null leading into the Island system. The use of any weapons in the bubble would be null.

The next five systems, in direction from the Island system, would then have similar no weapons bubbles that would get smaller and smaller until the bubble is 10 km in diameter on the farthest gates from the Island system. Another drawback would be that the bubbles on the farthest gates from the Island system would randomly offline and online.

This seems both complicated and convoluted. To achieve your goal of promoting Low Sec exploration and PvP, it’s far simpler to just turn each system 0.5 or above into 0.1 - 0.4 security rating.