Highly Skilled Verteran with low game experience


I’ve had characters in game since 2002 but hardly ever played. My Main character has been continuously skill training for years but my in game experience is very low.

Any suggestions for getting back into the game? (I have a 3-4 hours a week available)

Do I start with a new character and learn again from scratch or is there a better way to learn with a well funded highly skilled character?



That’s pretty cool. I’d be tempted to turn that character into a good pile of ISK, then start over from scratch with a brand new char. That way, you learn the game by hands-on playing it and solving problems as you go along (preferably with advice from some good corpmates-- even newbro corpmates also learning along the way). And with that pile of ISK, you could afford to buy skill injectors to quickly skill into what you want to do-- and be generous with friends you meet along the way! :grinning: Or just be able to get blown up a lot, and not worry about it.

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At the moment I have 140Mil experience 3Billion in ships (Carrier, Orca, Widow, Basilisk + Others) and about 4 Billion ISK, which is all kind of useless if you don’t know how best to use it.

I just trained and bought stuff,

I have considered just going PVP and getting killed a lot in T1 ships in order to learn, but there so much more game mechanics out there that I haven’t even looked at yet

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why turn it into isk and then retrain…just relearn the game using your toon with good skills…dont use your expensive ships to relearn.
training a toon doesnt give you experience…as you just proved. you dont need isk so keep your training going on current toon and start by flying lowend stuff…alternatively start a new toon on the account and do the tutorial…then use your better toon


FW is a great place to learn to pew pew cheaply. Use your isk piles on your old toon, you can always ditch it later on if its an issue or to fund stuff, buy a number of different ships. Start with frigates, pick a race, go through 10 or more of each ship type if youd like. There are some that I wouldnt bother with but since the changes a lot of them are viable. Get them blown up, pick a different race and redo. Then advance to destroyers, then cruisers.

By that time you shouldve met people in your travels and made a few friends and enemies. Hook up with them and continue on the learning curve till you feel comfortable with your skills. Advance beyond at your own rate and branch out into null, WHs or wherever you wish to go.

Enjoy the relearning curve.

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Make an alt, put your assets and money over there. Then use the agent finder und look for some career agents and do their missions.
Afterwards, re-evaluate your situation. If you still feel like you need more learning to do, you could do the Sisters of Eve epic arc and maybe some missions afterwards or do some exploration. You could also try to find some “newbie friendly” corp that is ok with lower commitment.
Don’t touch your assets until you feel comfortable again, or at least only take small amounts of money that are within the normal progression of a new player.


The issue is 3-4 hours a week, what is the maximum period of time you can be on for, that low level of time per week makes getting the most out of a nullsec alliance rather difficult unless your prime time coincides directly with theirs, because some fleets can stretch over multiple hours, though one option is to do the home defence stuff.

The well funded high SP character is the best one to learn with because you have options to try different things.

What TZ are you? That is important, as your options are different if you are an AU TZ player as compared to a EU or US TZ player.

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really depends on what you want to do… first things first though you need to get used to the ships and what they’re capable of doing as each ship has its strengths and weaknesses. Doing missions to start you off will give you a good idea of the basics and also doing what cowqueen said about putting your current assets onto a alt would be a good idea.

Also with regards to your ship fits, even though you have the skills for T2 gear try not to use t1 stuff at first until you feel more confident in your play. After you got the basics down and feel more confident then you could possibly look at other areas of the game. 3-4 hours per week may limit some aspects of the game such as fleet combat in null and possibly incursions as you never know how fast you’ll get a gang invite.

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you haven’t been continually training than. im an 05, didn’t max my implants and attributes and im at 213m sp

I help run a newbro/alpha friendly corp with a bunch of retired bittervets. If your looking for a chill space for learning pvp or any mechanics for that matter; please join us ingame channel Cro-Magnons Pub. Always looking for more cap pilots and ppl to socialize with on discord.

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Purchased character I kinda reckon.

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Thank you for the feedback guys - lots to think about :smile:

In answer to a few of the questions:

  • I’m GMT time zone
  • 3-4 hours would be an average, if I joined a corp and there were corp event that took longer I’d make the time (TZ allowing). Work is hectic at the mo as I work in Information and Cyber Security and this GDPR thing has a lot of people spooked!

Keno - my character wasn’t purchased, I was more active back in the day I was a member of Research Associates [RESA] (part of AWE alliance) even helped as the recruitment officer for a while in high sec. Then went to 0.0 and helped with some mining ops in 0.0 (bit boring) but never saw action.

That was round about the time the first Titan were being built and there was a big war that kinda screwed things up and I lost interest. The main guys around then were Oldma and Mad Max - not even sure if they are still around?

Skill point wise my 1st toon was on a separate account (now an Alpha account) with 33Mill, I have a hulk toon on there to with 14Mill. Then I started this account a few years later and stuck with it, letting the other account lapse until Free to Play came back.

Not sure if I should leave the other toons on the old account (ship restrictions), move them to my main account or skill extract onto my main. As it’s free I guess there’s no rush.

Thanks for the offer Cora I may just take you up on that.

I’m thinking probably back to missions for a bit in starter ships, possibly even have a look at faction warfare and see how many times I get podded before I get the hang of it.

Then there’s the incursions to try, I’ve never done a wormhole and Planetary Interaction looks interesting - I need to write a list of things to do!


OK well there should be some alliances in nullsec that could meet your TZ requirements and give you content, some of these big fleet fights can be fun as long as they do not turn into TiDi fests which are terrible. Test have a lot of content in Catch with content coming to them and competent FC’s and you fight against some of the better alliances, make sure to do home defence rapid response stuff too.

In terms of PI, I have 6 toons doing it and make a billion every three days, 4 of them extract to P1’s the other two manufacture the P1’s to P4’s. I no longer bother ratting as that suits my needs. Having a relatively passive income source is worth it, though there is a certain amount of clicking and transporting it is not terrible.

If I was you make the jump into nullsec and get stuck in quick, you could leave some alpha accounts in hisec doing stuff if you want, but use that high SP character in a nullsec alliance you will not regret it.

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its funny you say that craithorn I’m looking to start work in that field next year with a focus on pen testing.

As for the time the first titan was built, its hard to say really because not everyone was advertising the builds of titans mostly because of the egg killing that was happening back then too. I took part in 2 defense’s and 3 egg kills back then, its just a shame more didnt get blown up.

you should do pi on every character on the accounts you have, its good for passive income for little to no effort per week. if you have R&D agents thats another passive income which is good for inventing t2 bpcs in industry and the datacores can be sold on the market too.

if you’re considering doing mining even though it was boring back then, keep a eye out on your area for week or two before hand to see what systems are good to mine and what ones you should avoid. Caldari space in general you should avoid due to code suiciding and thats if you’re considering mining in high sec space.

pvp wise fw is the way to go if you like small scale but if you like large fleets null sec is where its at. if you do go out there though make sure that you’ve joined the group before you jump into null sec as some groups are taking advantage of this and using it to nuke the unsuspecting.

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I remember flying down to AZN which was the base back then in 0.0 (I still have a jump come installed there on my original account). The run was shaded in secrecy and I was up until 4 in the morning jumping with the convoy.

Will definitely look at PI and research agents.

Good luck with the pen testing, do some research on Cyber Essentials it’s starting to get some momentum so CE specific pen tests are ramping up.

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