Highsec Buyback

Easy and fast! Will continue to use. Highsec Buyback cleans my hanger with a smile… LOVE IT!


As always, great service guys! This service is ideal for players of all walks of the game, new and old. It is especially great to help keep your active play time focused on whatever aspects of the game you like most and not have to worry about all the logistics and hassle of getting that extra isk from loot. Keep on trucking!

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I’m using Highsec Buyback as a convenient way to cash out while on Exploration Trips. Just find a WH to any high sec system, contract the loot to Highsec Buyback, and 5 mins later I am back to exploration.
This reduces the risk of traveling with too much loot and is extremely comfortable. Besides that, the contracts are always accepted before I can even get back to my home system for spending those isk :slight_smile:

Thanks alot for your service!

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Have done multiple contracts with Highsec Buyback. Works like a charm. Selling stuff to them directly and getting paid so quickly is honestly a godsend. I don’t have time to jump around and do market research. Thank you guys

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This service is fast and very convenient. Ctrl-a, ctrl-c and a few clicks and hey presto, I earned ISK without the hassle of studying the market. More time to do the things I like. Thanks a lot!

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Nice and convenient, prices are fair generally, and honest reasons are always given for lower rates. Professionally run with brilliant customer service. 10/10.

I live in W-space and this is the most convenient way to get hauls of my PI and site loot out. Very convenient to just drop at first station out of our HS static than to have to spend a bunch of time running to trade hubs. Fast service, always responsive. 10/10