HighSec Looting Mechanics

im not sure if you understand the Problem.
To summarise:
If a group destroys a Structure, the attacker and the defender can loot the wreck with no going suspect. (obviously both sides have to fight for the loot if the both sides on grid lol)
Third party pilots that are not in war with the structure have to go suspect to loot stuff.

The Problem:
Third party pilots (in some random ship) are looting the wreck, moving the loot directly into a second third party pilot in a DST. Pilot A in a random ship goes suspect, sacrifice his ship (eg. a shuttle) but the loot is safe inside the DST.

Proposed solution:
If you are suspect, you cant drop loot in fleethangars if the the ship (with the fleethangar) has his safety green. If the ship with the fleethangar has his safety yellow or red, it also enters suspect time when a suspect drops something into the hangar.

This method is already used for all other interactions with a Suspect Pilot, eg, Boosting, Remote rep and remote boost.


I do understand your point, my point is, if you just introduce this, a lot of ganking will cease to exist in highsec as a collateral damage. And I will be the first to make that happen.

You said other stuff which is not correct, but I’m too lazy to go over it.

I don’t see how that is fair. Tried to not compare RL with EVE, but you are equally in trouble with the law for receiving stolen goods.

I guess the current mechanic could be compared to money laundering possibly.

No it is not. The rule is, if you are an “outlaw”, everybody can take your stuff without repercussion. The game mechanics don’t look into the players minds and intentions.

I was referring to the fact that dst can get off Scott free from being a suspect

Yes, same mechanic, whether stuff is dragged or dropped doesn’t make a difference.

yes, thats right but the DST is also part of this “Outlaw” action, for that, he should be suspect too.

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How should the game know? It can’t read the player’s mind.

So basically you are saying once the initial outlaw grabs the stolen loot, it’s no longer “stolen” if it’s moved to another ship

to explain it:

IF (Pilot that dropped loot into hangar) == Suspect
Then: (your status) == Suspect

Exactly, this is how EvE works.

I think i have hit a sensitivie nerve here. You are desperately trying to defend a mechanic that has been fixed on all other levels because it was outright broken.

By your defintion a Logi would not need to become suspect aswell because hes not the one doing the criminal action of shooting someone else. That allowed you to bring a completely netural logi wing that could not be engaged by anyone while still repping the others.

Sensor boosting. Same thing.

All this stuff got reviewed and corrected because it was outright broken. It follows the same principle as the looting mechanic: Looting target makes a criminal action and gets supported by other ship (fleet hangar) → Support ship needs to go suspect aswell. End of story.

And to answer directly to your comment “thats how Eve works”. If you bring that item back to station and wait out your criminal timer or give the loot to someone else its now free.
Robbing a bank and throwing the bank notes in someone elses backpack in front of the police and then expecting the money is “safe” and is now “non stolen” goods… yikes.


Funny thing this is, this is exactly how it works in RL ;D. It’s safe during transport by the innocent.

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While theft is a universally understood crime, not everyone knows that you can also commit a theft crime if you acquire stolen or illegally obtained goods.

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If you get with this change, mining fleets with open Orca fleet hangar will get funny :slight_smile: So maybe it’s worth doing, just to annoy miners, what do you think?

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what is the problem? if the Orca has Safety Green then suspects cant drop stuff into the cargo.
There is no change with Fleet hangar, nothing changes for mining fleets. Only the 0 effort “exploit” looters will be annoyed :wink:


Forgotten so the HighSec memes persist. Its a joke of a space anyway…

Uhm…no, in RL the one you call “innocent” would be considered guilty of smuggling stolen goods