Hilmar brought up new clothing items in Toronto

In Toronto at EveNorth, Hilmar mentioned that he was thinking about jewelry and other accessories made from player tears. Everyone in the audience thought this was a wonderful idea.

With all the REEEEEEEEE this week, I thought this idea should be brought up again. CCP Swift, could you remind Hilmar about this if you get a chance? I would love some jewels or a tattoo made from tears.

Maybe we can get rewards for being Concorded? Or something… :slight_smile:

Please post a link to this statement.

Your reward is being allowed to continue doing it in High sec space…


for me, he can even record special movie… could be in this new jewelery…

No. No way.

No way to what, posting a link to the supposed statement by Hilmar?

If not possible, then it never happened.


It was real life. You know? Not on a computer.

Also, that’s not how reality works. Things exist even though you don’t know about them.


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You said:

Eve Online / FF presentations are recorded by CCP, as well as players attending the presentation…

Probably something he ate.

Actually, it was during Q&A, someone asked him specifically about a wider variety of accessories and that was his response.

how wide a variety?

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