Historical spaceships as ingame shuttles

I guess most of us like “space” , maybe some closet wannabee astronauts , or … well… whatever
reasons you have to like to play with spaceships.

Lore wise , its possible “old data” … “for historic sake” … a nice story to build from.

So , dear CCP , take my money / plex…
And give us … ( as shuttle… by example ) …
The Space Shuttle to fly
Or the Apollo
or the MIR…
or ISS
Maybe some experimental / never came off the drawing board spaceships…

( and so many other stuff we shot into space the last decades as human race )

Should be not that hard to put in, guess plenty of data available.
Nice eye candy …

What would be real , like… real cool… if they where on “scale” ( so , yes, that would end up with rather tiny ships )

Since lore wise we’ve lost all track of our origins and not to mention 40000 years or something at least… Wouldn’t make sense.

Yeah, this is completely against the background fiction and has no place in EVE.

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