HMA Giveaway Fleet (12+ Billion ISK in Prizes)

Oye M’Beltas,

The overly generous Clue Atrik is sponsoring a giveaway fleet starting at end of downtime on Saturday, Nov. 4th and going all… day… long. We will be starting in Hek and devouring belt after belt of that precious space ore while he hands out so much stuff. For a complete list, see here.

Giveaways will take place both in Fleet Chat and on our Discord.

For those not in the know, the HMA (Hek Mining Association) runs public NPSI mining fleets in Hek and the surrounding systems (among other activities). For more information, feel free to visit our in-game channel Hek Mining Association or our website.

Shooting any asteroids or hunks of ice that aren’t in fleet?

Close… we shoot any miners on belt that aren’t in fleet.


I mean, we invite them to fleet first. And, it also depends on how many enforcers we have available.

I just wanted to know if I should show up in a Venture to some interesting fireworks in the Hek belts tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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