(hoboleaks.space) NEW UPWELL GUNS + PI HUB

the guns are called the “Gunstar” and the “Heavy Gunstar”, one for subcaps, one for caps and supercaps Assumingly

Gunstar stats:

  • 1000m3 volume (deployable by an all cargo sunesis)
  • shield is entirely EM resistant and is weakest to Explosive
  • armor is weakest to EM and has 90% explosive resistance
  • Total HP is 52000 Base, with 116,923 EHP with shield + Armor, what is shocking is that the hull has 100% resistances all over? IDK what CCP is thinking…
  • 100 sig radius
  • 25 dmg per res type with 10x dmg multiplier
  • 1000 capacitor
  • 250km range
  • Rate of fire is unknown, currently says 5000 but that probabbly a placeholder

Heavy Gunstar stats:
nearly the same except for the following:

  • 18k shield
  • 37.5k armor
  • 20x dmg multiplier


named “Stockpile Tenshu”

  • 250k shield
  • 1.2m armor
  • 450k structure


  • certain systems affected by an invasion will be prone to max target increases/decreases, as well as for scram strength and ECM range (not sure if it applies to burst jammers)

any other useful findings share away :smiley:


in the old days wen you warped to a dude you could land near a pos and had guns shooting on you and i find it a bad mechanic
this appear to be the similar
no me gusta

You can see those in the new scope video…

Most likely NPC gun stations for the Edencom side of things during a trig invasion.


I don’t see anything that suggests they are player anchor-able / online-able.


i damn hope they are NPC only


i hope so

me to

Ugh I hate all these spoilers

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The resistances shown on hoboleaks are inverted, so 0% resists in structure, 10% explo in armor etc.


These are absolutely NPC only at this time - there’s nothing that suggests otherwise

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Haven’t seen you around in a while, Larrett? Who are you flying with these days?

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