Holier Than Thou - C4 US/EU TZs - Join us in J-space!

Sometimes we remember to shoot the MTU first

Hippity hoppity, you can join us in our property

Still recruiting folks

We have a bit of everything, you wont regret joinin!

Bump bump

Join us on the field of battle!

You know you want to! Lyor will get another alt if you join

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Make shiny things pop! Watch your shiny thing pop!

Fleet up! Schenanigans are afoot!


Someone said I’ll make another alt if you join
fine by me.

HTT Wants You!

We are still growing! Join the fun!

Get in on the fun! I have no idea what I’m doing


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We’re satisfied with our US presence and are now mostly seeking pilots for EU timezone! Grab a friend and join us :slight_smile:

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Come get your huffing boosts!

Bump bump!