Homefront Operation - Emergency Aid - Holy Mission

I ran some Emergency Aid - Holy Mission sites with a dualbox setup using a Caracal Navy Issue and an Exequror. The character flying the Exequror has Remote Armor Repair Systems and Gallente Cruiser at 5.

According to pyfa, My Exequror fits / skills gives remote repair of 208 HP/s. This was nowhere close to enough to keep the Holy Mission alive. There are rats with ECM in the site, but even with those cleared and the lock on the Holy Mission solid, I estimate something around 400-800 HP/s is necessary.

I have a few questions: 1) Has anyone successfully run the site, and how much remote repair was enough? 2) Is this working as intended? I haven’t modeled it with pyfa, but it is a bit hard for me to believe that a fleet of 5 newbros (with maybe 3 logi ships) is going to be able to put out enough repair to successfully run the site.

You used Remote Armor Repairers to tank a shield based ship? Are you sure that’s a good idea?

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I used remote armor repair to repair the NPC Holy Mission. The mission description says to use remote armor repair. The CNI had local reps and tanked fine as long as I moved it out of brawling range promptly.

It’s designed for a group of 4-5 pilots, not two and especially not only one logi. It’s also not meant for a whole group of newbros. It’s for corps to teach newbros, resulting in a mix of skill levels.


The easy answer is just take 5 logi, you don’t need to prune any NPC’s since they don’t keep spawning if you don’t kill any and it’s super easy to tank their damage and keep the station up with 5 logi.

If you do want to use DPS, you should be able to have as few as 2 logi (I feel that 1 is probably pushing it a bit far without good skills). There’s 3 sorts of NPC, 1 type attacks the station, 1 type attacks players and the 3rd is mainly about EWAR and webs on the players and can range from crippling (ECM) through to annoying (Painters) and depends where you’re flying your missions (ie don’t fly 'em in Caldari space with only 1 logi or with logi dependent on cap chain).

Go after the ships attacking the station first, then thin out stuff attacking other players to lighten the load on the logi pilots. If your DPS can have self reps as well, all the better to allow the logi to focus on the station.

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CCP need to rework this, theyre tons of multiboxer doing every single Homefront all day/all night. No idea if theyre bots beause all them have chinese kanjis in the ship name, its impossible for new players run homefront due of this multiboxers/bots.

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If youn found ppl like that report them by klicking on them and Opening the Info window then right klick report player.

@ Topic to run those sites you need at least 6x t2 Armor reppers whit ppl who have cruser at 4 and a Logi ship Exequror/Auguror/Osprey/Scythe, the whole time on the Station/Ship or whatever is on the sites to keep it alive.

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