Honest First Impressions here

PVE totally sucks ass in this game
I’m sure the PVP in this game is great but I don’t think I’m going to make it to it is the PVE suck so much you need to make funds to buy spaceships and blow them up and PVE is usually the number one source and all other games for making money farming mobs that experience is not enjoyable you somehow make it even more boring than any other game I can’t stand it the mobs are too trivial they pay absolutely nothing they have no good loot at all you have to grind a lot of crappy mobs to get an escalation to get something that you could possibly sell for good money there’s no guarantee you’ll get anything good from that either if I can’t find a fun way to make funds I’ll probably quit when my Omega Runs Out
the only time I ever died in this game is cuz I went AFK and got killed by the diamond mobs that was my fault I’m not mad about that one bits matter fact it made me chuckle a little bit I thought I can go use the toilet and sit out in space and be fine I was definitely wrong
the PVE lacks difficulty and reward and fun engagement options

customer service I had the sisters of Eve epic Arc break on me I was told to write a ticket they would fix it it hasn’t been fixed so I give you some negative points there too

Community everybody’s been nice to me so far so I give you bonus points there

I’ll try doing PVP after my second week of playing

This is a good source for ISK. Doing the real hard sites with some skilled friends brings a lot of ISK. And they teach you how to survive PVP or at least have fun losing your ship.


I would recommend trying to join a corp. On your own eve can be boring. But when working together it can be a lot of fun.


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Well, thats your first mistake. You farm mobs in other games to gain experience to level up, but the main way you level up in eve is time, and not x amount of mobs killed. That alone should tell you that PVE isn’t that important to do anything in EVE.

I suggest you join a good corp like brave newbies or Eve uni or RvB. They hand out free ships and constantly do interesting content. You will be able to dip your nose into pvp and have fun.

That and you can pvp in the starter ships they hand out in the career agents. Literally, easy free ships that you can use to pvp. Pvp is fun, you should try sometime, and its easy to try.

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I’m doing Abyssal space it’s still not very good but it’s better than all other forms of PVE so far I like it cuz it’s more faster and it also requires you to be fast as well and it’s also kind of challenging my drones don’t always survive and CCP finally fix the Epic Arc for me I’ll probably finish it soon it took them about four days to get around to it though so I’m not rewarding them any point for service but you can say it’s no longer negative

I don’t really want to join a corporation but it doesn’t mean I don’t want to play with others one day I might make my own

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There isn’t really a big downside to joining a corp, usually more upside as long as you join one thats good.

You get free access to knowledge and info right away. Some members will throw isk and give advice too.

Only downside is the small percentage of tax they take. But that’s like 5, 10% at most, which is the same as npc corp taxes anyways.

Number one advice in eve for new players is always, join a decent or good corp, they will help you massively, and you’ll make good friends.

Your first impressions sound like mine 5 years ago or whenever it was when I played for a month - after the tutorial and career agents I was doing ratting, hi sec mining and played the markets. I hated it - PVE was slow, and didn’t require much attention, the mining being in high sec meant I could watch tv and leave the pc on and come back (and I had little investment in it if I did die) the markets more engaging but that felt like a job. Unsurprisingly I quit. I knew the game had a billion more things to do which if I could get into I would enjoy, but it didn’t happen for me.

Like you I started the game up recently and this time around after a bunch of research and a few days on a new clone I was doing exploration in wormholes - chasing that itch to find loot, a constant threat of pvp, or rather me just being smacked on, and the need to engage my mind rather than be passive ratting or mining with frigates (I’m sure it changes up later in the game). Give it a go, you might like it as well. I feel like I’m experiencing the game properly this time without a need to wait 6 months for skills to come through.

I started a post here yesterday (newbro - advice please) had some great feedback on what I should aim for and some general questions; now it feels like I have a plan of progression that I’m really engaged with. I probably won’t go near ratting, until I get a bigger, badder, ship which can take on more difficult areas and try it again then; but even then I’m really not sure I’ll get into pve.

I’ve been having a great time - made a couple hundred million ISK in my first week (I know it’s not much for some, but for me - it’s been great), stealth bomber tried to blow me but failed, while later a wormhole NPC one shot me, I made my way to null and met someone trying to steal loot from a corp… no idea what he was talking about but it sounded great!

This time the game feels totally different for me - I’d say ignore ratting, find a corp you’re interested in gameplay with (pvp for instance) or try what I’m doing in wormholes, give it a try. I’m probably going to join Eve uni - well, apply at least. And try to me more engaged - give a bit more to get it back and all that - learn about the game and other things I’ll enjoy.

Like you, I think the community is brilliant. I had heard mixed things, and when reading replies to CCP posts or changes it can seem toxic, but to each other the people a great. As I said in my topic, even the title ‘newbro’ sets the community apart from others. There is obviously something that keeps everyone else around, and I’d like to be part of it. That said… if I was ratting again for a week after loading the game up there would be no way I’d be on this forum right now, or even thinking about when I can find the time to log back in, I’d probably have conceded defeat in playing the game again, thinking it’s not for me.

Good luck!

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The community, for the most part, reflects real life. If you come in with an attitude and act like a jerk, shitting on everything and everyone, people aren’t gonna respond in kind. If you come in with a good attitude and are genuinely looking to improve or asking for help, we will do our best to help. Thats usually true with real life too.

How long did you wait for it to be fixed/reset?

another reason why I haven’t joined a corporation my personality conflicts with a lot of people I have autism which most people can’t tolerate it and I’m a brutally honest person I like talking a lot if voice chat is available which also drives people nuts and I like doing puns

and games I usually try to build a guild around my personality

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nomen est omen

I’m sure he’s not an Intergalactic lunatic.
First, New Eden is only one galaxy so the ‘Intergalactic’ part doesn’t speak for that part of his name, and second he’s not a lunatic, he’s only a bit autistic, which is not to be made fun of.
Your latin expression doesn’t apply to him.
I was going to say ‘nice try’ but it’s not even nice, it’s gratuitously mean.

Now please, respond with a toxic reply, that would fit you perfectly.

You seem to take this all too seriously, it was just a compliment that he chosen a name that fits his described personality, which is I’m sure why he chosen the name in the first place. Maybe the one projecting toxicity everywhere is the toxic one here. :wink:

LOL! Don’t ever compliment me then.

I’m positive such an occasion won’t ever present itself due to lack of opportunity to do so, so we’re safe from such horrors. :slight_smile:

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no fighting in my thread please shoot each other in space instead

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Being autistic you can’t use that excuse to not socialize. my ceo if you can even call him that, is autistic as well as other issues, and we all get along great on discord and treat each other with respect. Which we don’t use voice chat simply because we aren’t really a corp but a service in game… so we rely on texting as a “paper trail” to prevent “he said, she said” from happening.

now, that being said, i have utmost respect for autistic or anyone on the spectrum. a child i advocate for is somewhat on the spectrum (progressive development disorder) as well as multiple clients i’ve seen over the years have been on the spectrum somewhere.
You all ROCK!!!

okay here’s the final honest reason they want my account info how much money I’m making who is giving me evemails who am I doing business with who my contacts are and when was the last time I took a ■■■■ in space

You mean ESIs? If they want username/password report that ■■■■ to CCP, but ESI is read-only. There are some corps who don’t require ESIs coughshamelessplugofpandemichordecough so maybe find one of those? What are you so worried about them knowing?

would you like somebody reading your mail and knowing how much money you have