How are "Endgame" modules acquired?

New to the world of EVE and wanted to get a fix on something I use to love which was space in SWG. Now I know almost all of the economy is player driven, but I was wondering if there are “chase” items in the game.

Similarly in SWG, you could farm PVE content which would drop randomized stats and that was how you would acquire Best in slot stuff versus some of the stuff that was player crafted. Does EVE have anything like this or is majority of modules crafted beyond random stuff that drops off ships?

No such thing as “best in slot” or “endgame” in EVE…

Every ship, item, and weapon in EVE are situational…


It kinda depends on what you mean by “end game” items. If you think Officer modules are the “end game” items, then you can just spend your days hunting Officer spawns in nullsec. Each one you kill has a chance to drop some useful modules.

And every loot item that drops in EVE has the exact same stats as every other item of that type that drops. The only way to change stats is by using a Mutaplasmid on the module, which will randomly increase or decrease the stats on that module. And mutaplasmids can’t be used on even half of the modules that are in-game.

It’s not like SWG where you can make better equipment and ships by using better resources. Every crafted ship, weapon, and module has the exact same stats.

Agreed. Endgame items can mean a lot to different people. Some are content with faction abyssals. Some want Officers… It’s just a means of obtaining it.

Because modules have a 50% chance of dropping from player ships, if you have expensive modules fitted, chances are that some people will chase you for them.


There is no endgame per se, and if you had a ship with all super blingy modules someone would blow it up. It WOULD NOT protect you from being blown up.

You could pay $$ to train and own a capital ship, but some guys in sub caps worth 1/1000 of your ship would just blow it up.

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Saving this guys name and looking for the officer fit golem to gank


There’s no “endgame” in a sandbox and/or open-world game.


Officer modules are for ship spinning :rofl:

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Yeah, you should probably not look at Eve in the same way as many other MMO’s. Eve is a PvP-centric game with a full loot death mechanic. Thus, slapping a bunch of high end items on your ships is just going to put a target on your back and enrich the people that kill you. In fact, you should never fly what you can’t afford to lose.

So, yeah, games like Warframe are more geared towards farming “end game” items (pun intended). Eve is more about player competition, cooperation, and interaction. Don’t get me wrong, there are still collectors (and people that enjoy packing on SP and/or making their wallets fat), but Eve’s design isn’t really focused on that sort of thing. Eve isn’t about what you have, but what you do -if that makes sense.
No P2W

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Thought yes there is no endgame but there is a subset of items that are somewhat mind nummingly rare/expensive being Officer mods have the most sought after stats

the Best Crafted items fall into Mutated mods meaning you take a mod and make it Much better or Much worse

now items player make only really go up to tech 2 but that only a technicallity T2 items are good but have their draw backs

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  1. Acquire officer modules either by paying for them or by stealing them or take them from the cold dead wrecks of other capsuleers (bonus for killing them yourself alone or with friends / multiboxing).

  2. Use the most volatile mutaplasmids on them for maximum effect.

  3. Get lucky.

  4. Post trade offer for your god tier module and sell it for trillions of ISKies.

  5. You’ve achieved legend status


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I know. I’m the best.

  1. Get in with CCP

  2. Get Out of Market BPOs

  3. Make modules.

  4. Done.

Lies, officer mods are for yolo’ing into hostile space.

But yes, as others say, there’s no traditional “endgame” in eve like in other games. The real endgame is realizing the goals you set yourself.


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