How are prices rounded?

Can someone explain how prices are rounded in the game?

Ex: Yesterday morning I saw that Scordite was selling (best price price in my system) for $17.90. But, when I sold a load I only got 17 (according to the Transaction list). That .90 can be a BIG difference for a large load.


Prices are only rounded when setting up standing buy and sell orders (4 sig figs). When selling to or buying from an order, you get/pay what the order price is (minus sales tax, of course. but that will be listed separately).

So, what happened with you? I dunno. Now, if you try to sell a stack that is larger than the number of units being bought by the top buy order, you either need to split the stack, or lower your price until it meets the prices of enough buy orders. However, you have to manually lower your price (it won’t do it automatically). So, I don’t know man. If it was off by a few cents, I’d wager than you accidentally moved your scroll wheel or something (which adjusted the price). But I can’t see that happening 90 times. So, yeah. All I can say is to double check your numbers whenever buying or selling stuff. I also like to keep my bank and my shopper separate, and then transfer over small amounts of cash to my shopper as needed. This greatly limits the amount damage I can do if I make a rounding error when entering a price.

It didn’t happen 90x. I mean the best buyer price (immediate sale) was 17.90 and the transaction list shows as sold for 17 even (unless the list doesn’t show the decimal, only round numbers).

Oh, I think there’s an option to show decimals in the wallet. So, that’s probably just toggled off.

I can’t find it.


Got it. Thank you.

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