Why didn't I get the sell price I listed?

I just sold 300 units of something that I listed for 7.5 isk/unit.
When it was bought, based on the transaction history, it looks like it sold for just 7 isk/unit?

Not to be greedy over .5 but why didn’t I get the 7.5 I listed it for?

The market does some auto rounding on orders with the removal of .01 isking removal

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I believe this is a truncation behavior in the display. Do any other entries show decimals?

This only applies on values with 4 or more total digits, which would not be applicable to this situation.

taxes and fees.

I figured that.

But I thought that would come off the gross from the sale, not reduce the per unit price it sold at.

Broker fees are charged when you first list the items for sale. Sales taxes are taken when the item sells and, I don’t know, probably just show up as a reduced sales price in your wallet. 6.7% is what you lost, which is about right for sales tax.

Transaction tax should show up as a separate debit after your wallet is credited for the full sale value. Here is an example from EVE Portal:

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