How can i get the right Profile-Directory from the launcher?


im writing a little tool (EVErview -->
which is able to backup character settings into a single file and also copy your overview from one to another character, also the settings you made to one specific account to one another. (the last point isnt that userfriendly, is there a way to retrieve the account-name from the account-id? dont think so, right?).

Anyway, that works just fine but im having troubles when a person has more than one folder in “%localAppdata%\CCP\eve”, the old launcher created one TQ folder for each account IIRC.
I would like to get the information from somewhere whats the current directory for the launcher. Is this possible? For example there are folder TQ1, TQ2 and TQ3 in it, while TQ3 beeing the one used by the launcher right now. I want to use that information.
I just could let the user select them manually or go by creation/last changed date but that doesnt sound to solid…
Lookinig forward for help - thanks!


No Ideas? :frowning:

One last push - still hoping for help

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