How CCP stopped me from playing my game style

People were forced to fight them.
But every war looks different. There are similarities of course, but with technology stepping in, everything changes. This was not perceived as that during first world war initially, starting battles were fought against machineguns with waves of foot soldiers, no good comouflage in the case of french.
Quickly the tactic had to change.

With current war in Ukraine, we see mass drones used to FPV the every not protected or mobile object there is in existence. Antennas, trucks, groups of soldiers, mines gathered on pile, it just flies over you, or directly into you blowing up, and if you dont die instantly, and you will usually not die instantly, you get a repeat with granade, or you are left there bleeding out or crippled, everyone around run away to hideout. But they are flying into hideouts with FPVs and blowing up inside. Realities of war changed.

It looks more like beginning of what Lem described in The Invincible - Wikipedia

Evolution of machines, drones only left after the total war that would wipe all the civilization.

The war against bots began in New Eden.

This is not a game style at all.

If you were doing this then your gamestyle is to exploit not that smart peoples who sells for low and resell it for profit (whether you reprocess it or not).

You can still do this. I even bet that it would still be profitable with ships and reprocessing, specifically career agent rewards ships are often sold in large quantities at those stations for cheap. But you would have to haul them to lowsec or null to reprocess instead of reprocessing them right away in the station you bought them.

If this made you quit then you are just weak and lazy player. You should have just move onto the next best profitable item.


You might see that reference as a negative though I see it as a positive view of what a true Miner is in New Eden!

Look closely at the relationship between a ganker and a miner and then take note of the timeline. Several Years is almost a marriage, will my pilot ever marry a ganker? Maybe the connection is strong just simpler to one.

What do you think?