How did people manage to stay online in times of connectivity issue?

Just curious, is it purely magic/good luck? I saw there was still ~600 people when most of people disconnected while the server is not shut down.

The related pod is killed as well, so I assume it is not due to drones auto fighting.

if you lived in Iceland and were on the local server, you got to keep playing. or if you were a sentient npc drone

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Never undocking helps :slight_smile:

This used to be a rare occurence. Now it seems like players have issues on an almost daily basis. So in answer to your question, it didn’t used to be a common problem. The irony is that there were also easily twice as many players online at any given time as well…

People in Iceland were probably not affected

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The cluster is in London >.<


It’s the Brexit. Most hamsters are expats and feel uneasy thinking of the future, and that causes server hiccups.


This. Servers are totally ■■■■■■ these days. I notice it almost every day, for example, client 1 has no issues, client 2 has lag and broken local. There are 80 ppl in system and client 2 shows only 3 …

I have pretty much stopped playing because of this. A reliable server is the most basic feature of an online game, if CCP cant provide one, their game is not worth my time and money.


Wise words, madam, wise words…

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