How did we reach the Moon thru the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

How did we reach the Moon thru the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

The Apollo craft can be seen in various museums, they have no radiation shielding.

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Duh that’s what the tin foil hats were for…


Its the kind of good question people are uncomfortable to answer.

Kind of like how does a skyscraper fall from a fire.

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Maybe harmful to guidance systems, computer’s electronic s, didn’t say anything about people , Apollo did not rely on ‘advanced systems’, this is overly dramatitized ‘reality’ show or he’s trying to sell something…sparkplugs for your diesel perhaps…?


Q: How did we reach the Moon thru the Van Allen Radiation Belt?
A: moving fast through it in the night side of the planet (where it’s weaker) and being exposed to it just for a short period of time.

Radiation damage is cumulative. A short exposure doesn’t causes enough damage to do harm and actually radiation was a lesser danger compared to other risks involved in the mission (just ask Apollo 13).

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Well, what would Van Allen know anyway…the Bacofoil Bonnet Brigade probably think that’s a 70’s Prog Rock band anyway.

Ignoring the science above, since the tinfoil titfers will say he’s in on the hoax, just how many people would need to stay quiet about such a lie? 1000’s? Tens of 1000’s?

This ignores the fact that it’s not just NASA, but Russia, China, Japan, India, and anyone else with an interest in moon landings? Surely Russia would want to discredit their largest rival?

Maybe this is why Trump is so close with russia. Maybe russia threatened to release proof that the moon landing was faked, and so Trump agreed to act nice to him?

They didn’t go through the radiation belts, that’s how. They went around them. They don’t cover the entire planet, they are concentrated.

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nobody said you have to go through it.

I remember astronauts being debriefed doing high orbit shuttle missions, the higher the orbit the greater the cosmic ray visual phenomena.

All stated they needed greater shielding to go higher.

Buzz Aldrin on the moon landing and why we never returned.

That’s my question. I want to know," he said. “But I think I know. Because we didn’t go there. That’s the way it happened. And if it didn’t happen it’s nice to know why it didn’t happen so in the future if we want to keep doing something we need to know why something stopped in the past if we want to keep it going.”

But hey he was just the 2nd man on the moon right?

The technology to pass through the Van Allen radiation belt wasn’t developed until the space shuttle.

Now ask yourself why NASA has to use photoshop and has been caught using it.

Nasa is not a public organization it is military disguised as public.

Federal Express is not federal, there is NOTHING in a name.

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That pretty much sums up the official response from the government since this happened.

Of course its not plausible that people conspired to steal funds from a program to enrich themselves. Its not plausible that it continues through grossly overestimated military budgets since.
The only thing you can count on from the government is corruption.

Now quick everyone look at Trump hes doing something. Ignore reality.

It’s just around the earth. The moon mission went beyond the radiation belt pretty quickly. The shuttle on the other hand operates in low earth orbit and therefor they have to have more shielding etc against this.

Now look, you really need to stop bringing actual science in to this. I mean, it’s just not fair. It also makes it look as though you too are a part of this pan-governmental, cross-continental, poly-ideological, multi-decade conspiracy.


Well I just need the money and they are paying really good

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I’d be interested to know how, they’d have to be paying off 100’s of thousands of people across their whole lifetime. Ahhh hang on. That’s where all the NASA budget goes…


I will never understand the theory of saying Russia or China will reveal some truth about something that the American one wont. First who would believe them if the government said not too, does anyone in America believe almost anything Russian anymore? Propaganda is thick here. Next why would it be in that countrys best interest to reveal anything? Have you looked at the “freedom” in china, you cant even talk about whinny the poo due to restrictions.

Who does that leave that is supposed to be “credible” as a “honest source of information”? Britain, yea land of the honest there right.