How did we reach the Moon thru the Van Allen Radiation Belt?

(Ima Wreckyou) #21

Obviously they payed those governments off as well. The NASA budget is huuuge.

Gota follow the monee!!

(Sugar Smacks) #22

There is currently 5.1 million Americans with security clearances.

Yes theres plenty of people on the payroll to go around.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #23

How about the multitude of apolitical multi-national scientists who have studied, observed and collated all the relevant information? Or is every single one of them a liar too?

Generally speaking yes, we tend to be. I’m obviously excluding politicians though, they’re arseholes pretty much everywhere.

(Nitshe Razvedka) #24

(Sugar Smacks) #25

Who do those scientists work for, you can say “they don’t have a job”, but im sure betting they have a tenure and you keep your mouth shut or your tenure stops.

Britain and America have several security agreements and Britain would never go against anything an American president displayed as fact.

You Europeans can “think” you can be separate from America but at the end of the day one only exists because of the other.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #26

So the argument goes that NASA lie about it because of funding. Why then would Russia, China, India also lie about it? Do NASA fund them?

Which also begs the question why would the US government try to silence European scientists instead of see if they could remove NASA funding that is being so fraudulently obtained?

I suppose this is true in a sense, I mean, if the Europeans hadn’t basically invaded the Americas I’m sure they’d be a very different place.

(Nitshe Razvedka) #27

Many S2’s I hold the very highest security clearances, Top Secret and above, with additional compartments.

You are correct, much of our security information is compartmentalised. And yes many reports that go over a S2’s desk are very much at odds to what is in the Public domain.

The Atomic Bomb project worked on during WW2 was known by thousands of defence personnel, however the president and elected government knew little or nothing about its development. It was protected by rigorous compartmentalisation.

(Sugar Smacks) #28

It is unfair to the people to treat them as idiots for the sake of protecting information. This is how you get a world of idiots who think they are smart.
That cant end well.

(Nitshe Razvedka) #29

Information is power, and the one eyed cyclops is king in the land of the blind. :grinning:

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #30

The problem with this particular ‘theory’ is claiming the Van Allen belts are lethal based on his scientific proofs, but the discounting his scientific proofs that these effects can be mitigated away to a minor risk.

You attempt to use Van Allen’s work to discount himself which is clearly daft, he’s either right or he’s wrong.

(Ima Wreckyou) #31

Guess he got payed off as well.

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #32

I just worked out what NASA did with their budget. They created GMO money trees that can grow any previous, current or future currency.

That’s how they’ve been paying everyone off! It’s so obvious now. Which is also clearly why things like Bitcoin worry them so much. Can’t grow those on trees.

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At least we know now why the aliens they hide in Area 51 managed to fly a spaceship across the galaxy but then crash it when arriving on earth. They got killed in the Van Allen belt. All makes sense now!

(Sugar Smacks) #34

NASA just does what they are told to do. People holding them to some kind of accreditation because of their employer is amusing.

(Nitshe Razvedka) #35

No such thing as aliens, but they were a good cover story to protect real aerospace developments.

(Sugar Smacks) #36

If there were you think they would tell you?

They just told you there is ice on mars, they probably knew that a long time ago.
The real Mars story is the overabundance of Xenon 129. Never will make the news.

(Ima Wreckyou) #37

I’m shocked! Shocked am I!!

(Nitshe Razvedka) #38

Hey, some muppets actually believe in aliens.:grinning:

(Sugar Smacks) #39

When facts cease to be on your side.

(Ima Wreckyou) #40

I had to google that one. You mean the Martian people killed themselves in a nuclear war? Just found an article that says that Martian relics of their civilisation where photographed by the rovers… really? That’s a new one.

I’m generally fascinated with all the weird stuff people come up with.