How do I create a Neocom group and move buttons to into it?

Just reinstalled Eve after a long time away.

My Neocom is full of crap I don’t wantto look at, so I want to reconfigure it to look cleaner.

I can right click the clock at the bottom and create a new group, but that group is not visible directly off the Neocom, it’s instead within an already existing subgroup accessed via a little triangle. In addition to that I haven’t been able to find any way to actually move any buttons into it, I can drag the top level buttons on the Neocom to rearrange the order, but I can’t drag any of them into the subgroup.

I just want to create a subgroup off the main Neocom and put some of the more useless buttons in there instead of having them clutter up the Neocom top level.

This used to be easy with the old Neocom.

Can someone help me plz?

I worked it out.

The reason any new subgroup I created appeared in another subgroup was because the Neocom starts off with so much crap in it that it has to wrap the excess items into a dynamic subgroup at the bottom.

Then I realized that the Eve logo at the top of the Neocom was a button that opened the whole menu.

Everything was pretty easy after that.

Now how do I remove the damn ‘Plex Vault’ from the Inventory tree?

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