How do I get anyone to look at my Ticket?

I have emailed and emailed and emailed. I recently returned to game after 3 yrs away with my 17 yr old account/character. There was some problem with a chargeback - says I’m “banned” and I can’t log in, I can’t buy Omega time. NOTHING. I’ve sent 5 emails in the last 3 days and nothing.

Is this what I can expect and just go back to playing Rimworld or ESO? Or even worse, FFXIV?

Edit: My corpmates probably think I ran away screaming from game never to return - “but it’s not my fault!” LOL

Did you make a payment then try to charge it back??

There are a few ways to contact support: but you’ll just need to be patient at this point. Make sure you’ve emailed from the address on the account.

Try boarding a train…

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