How do I get assistance with an account

how do I get assistance to an account when tickets aren’t being answered?

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There’s various time frames for Support Tickets to get answered.

Tickets pertaining to issues of inability to access the game or character being stuck will get answered very quickly, within 15 minutes or so. Things like Agent won’t respond, Gate won’t accept key, mission item or Boss NPC won’t spawn, etc.

Other tickets regarding technical info and advice will take longer, at least up to a week.

Tickets requesting a refund or asset replacement will take the longest time to get a reply, 2 weeks to a couple of months.

Best thing to do is wait for an answer and if you have more info to add, just add it to the original ticket. Don’t create a new ticket for stuff pertaining to the old one, that creates a backlog of tickets which makes response time take even longer…

Also if it’s a Technical issue, can check the forum - Issues, Workarounds & Localization - and see if there’s an answer for it.

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