How do I get out of the default map

how do I get out of the main map? I am trying to get out of the main place to mine so can anyone tell me how to get around here?

Do you mean F10?

what is F10? im new to eve

F10 is a key at the top of yuor keyboard…F1->f12

oh I thought u meant it like it was a section of space

I mean how do I get to the playermade factions

Oh my this guy thinks that that is the solar system?

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I don’t think what you want is what you are asking.

Please tell us again what you are trying to do and we will help if possible.

Sounds like you want to get to a different system to mine.

Which system are you in at the moment (I assume by default map, you mean the starter system you are in)?

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Or maybe to plot a course? TBH I want to help but I am a bit lost as to where to start…


Tutorial (in the agency window that auto opens when you start up the game) will show you how to move thru different star systems. To reach any “outside of map” like your red circle requires CCP to add new ones. Or if you mean Wormhole space that requires scanning down (exploration tutorial) a wormhole, but that and traveling to 0.4 security systems or lower is dangerous for miners

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okay thanks I meant wormhole space just was trying to get to get out further with friends

Wormhole-systems aren’t shown on the map. You have to scan them out and find out where they lead to by yourself.

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