How do I get something into Eve Online News?

I mean scope does news! how to I get something submitted to eve news?

I’ve got some contacts in the press, but the story has to be juicy. What’s the beef?

I could make suggestions in how to get into the news but I would probably be breaking the law if not at least the TOS

tell us of record
we promisse we will keep secret :smiley:

Be careful around tutucox, he once told me that he’s the Brazilian version of Deep Throat.

lies …
oh…read the wiki
i was thinking about another deep throat
dear god :flushed:

Okay, tutu just pulled me into a chat to explain…yeah, it seems I completely misheard and misinterpreted him during that conversation. That’s completely on me. So I apologize, and retract my previous statement - I have no reason to question his trustworthiness, or to believe that your information wouldn’t be safe with him.

And also, uh, wow. I think I need an adult. :confused:

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I can get you in. Just transfer 10 billion ISK to my ingame account and I’ll get you in touch with Alton Haveri


Do something news worthy and it’ll be featured I imagine.




How I get my own statue?

Build a Palatine Keepstar and name it after yourself.

I don’t build things, that’s a miner’s job.

Gank the ship that is about to anchor it… then put it up yourself.