How do i get VIP accses

(Mirka Ataru) #1

Tranquility online at the moment and only VIP access is granted. What i have to do to gain VIP access?

(Shaela Malukker) #2

If it says VIP access, I’d assume that the server troubles are still bad and they’ve restricted access to CCP employees for testing/debugging/troubleshooting purposes. So to answer your question, send a resume to CCP and see if they hire you.

(Black Pedro) #3

Get a job with CCP?


Sorry. No, VIP just means connections are limited to the developers only. It is a troubleshooting thing, not some pricing scheme.

Hopefully the server will be up and accepting connections from everyone shortly.

EDIT: see this link for more info on the server status:

(Uriel the Flame) #4

Send me 2500 :credit_card: PLEX and I grant you VIP access right away. :wink:

*results may vary

(Coo gan) #5

You too can join the Wannks of CCP and revel in the joyous wonder of VIP access!

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