How do I make a heron that will warp fast enough to get out of nullsec before it gets scrambled?

Thanks. I have tested this and it has saved my ass a few times.

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You’re warp path lined up with a bubble and the bubble pulled you out of warp.

The trick here would be to avoid the obvious warp paths and prepareing bookmark locations in the systems you’ll be going threw.

If you’re going from gate to gate you’ll be easy pickings for anyone with a bubble, but if you bounce off a safe spot instead you can arrive on the destination gate from a different angle which means that you wont get caught by bubbles along your warp path. You could still land on a gate with a bubble, but in that case at least you have a chance to burn to the gate and jump.

Also, if you jump threw a gate and see a camp, unless you’re really lucky you will not be able to warp away, you may however have a chance if you crash back towards the gate you came from and jump back threw. Be sure you overheat your MWD or AB when you end up in a bad situation, no sense going down with an unheated prop mod.

These videos explain things rather well and it could help you alot.


Inertial Stabilizers alone gives the most agility and reduction in align time. 3 of those in the lows will get your ship almost as fast into warp as it can get. you can add tech 2 low friction nozzle joins but the stacking penalty means you will only gain maybe .1-.2 reduction in your align. If you dont have that many low slots or need to fit something else there, play with the fit in pyfa and mix it up between inertial stabilizares and low friction nozzle joints. Nanos and polycarbon engine housings do improve align time but also increase speed and therefore dont reduce the align time as much. if you can achieve a number less than 2 on the align (with MWD/AB off) you will enter warp before a camping player can possibly lock you because of the server tick rule. This does not count for bubbles though unless you are:

1 - an interceptor (stiletto, ares, crow, maladiction)
2- a nullified T3 Cruiser (interdiction nullifier subsystem)

i dont believe there are any other ships in the game that are immune to bubbles unless im missing something for a long time.

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The luxury yachts are bubble immune, I’m pretty sure.

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YES, i knew i was missing something. Those damn VIP pleasure cruises that only have like 10m3 cargo so no chance to use them for anything other than joy riding and ship spinning. Or transporting billions in blueprints :wink:

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How many exotic dancers do you need?

look at this beast. It needs skins. CCP skins for my yacht now!!!

You can get a sub 2 sec align time in a sunesis which also gives exploration bonuses but you will always be subject to warp bubbles in null sec. WH might be an alternative way back but without cloak you are always vulnerable.

I’m a Herron pilot, looking to make my first trips into nul sec / low sec. This thread is rather helpful. Thanks.

It seems like fitting shields to a Herron will be a waste of time then?

I’m using an alpha state clone btw.

It is helpful in low, but it is not helpful elsewhere. Although even in low you should be careful about shield extenders, since they allow people to land tackle on you sooner.

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Shield extenders increase your Sig meaning that you’ll be easier to target, and when you get targeted and pointed you’re basically dead regardless of any tank you’ve fitted.

Only possible exception to this Is highsec I’d say, in some cases a little tank will make you a slightly tougher target for a suicide gank, tho I doubt that you’d be able to get enough tank to make a difference on a frigate.

Basically your tank in a frigate is getting into warp before SHTF, anything else is likely going to be redundant.

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In lowsec you will sometimes run into smartbomb gate camps. It is nice to have some tank so that you can survive these. A passive EM shield hardener might be enough.

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yea sunesis is nice mine is sub 2 seconds with 10k tank and 1500m3 cargo. I use it for transport around my nullsec pocket only, but it is excellent for HS and LS small transport.

This thread contains a lot of helpful info :+1:t3: Although almost every comment creates another question :grinning:

  1. I can’t fit a 5mn micro warp drive without having a capacitor that depletes in something like 40 seconds. It there something to be done about this? Or should I just remember to put the data/relic analysers offline when using the micro warpdrive? Doesn’t seem like the best solution as I may be called to warp away suddenly.

  2. ‘using more than one type of this module or similar modules that affect the same attribute on the ship will be penalised’

What is the penalty? Where can I spot a penalisation within the sip fit? Does this mean I can only fit one Nanofibre module to my Heron?

Muito obrigado

  1. You just pulse it once or twice, so cap stability is unnecessary.
  2. The penalty is a percentage deduction - it is a little bit complicated. Basically, your second module isn’t quite as great as the first one, the third one is ok, but not great. Four or more of the same module is usually not a good choice.
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the best solution is dont be a target. Yes there are people that would blow up an empty heron just for yuks but if you are carrying “a lot” the number of people interested in blowing you up sky rockets. If you find one good site grab it and run for cover dont continue on for more sites with 100mil loot items onboard

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(me flying around in WH with 2b)
*cough good thing I fly like that!
Also, if you are in lowsec, just fly Imicus with 3x warp core stabs. This protects against even faction scrams.

But 2 scrams solve this problem