How do I manage 48 planets PI over 8 characters?

It’s up to you ofc but you got the idea. Factory planets need to be separate from resource extraction.

More factory planets you got full the more ISK you make. I currently run 2 factory planets out of 12 total planets.

all depends how fast you’re pulling resources.
For a single P2 output, I’d suggest one factory and five extraction, you’ll probably build up a buffer of one or the other resource, once you have a solid chunk spare, switch a planet to the other resource.

I was wondering. How many systems should be used for 48 planets? Should I just keep it all within like, 3 jumps of one another, or is it possible to do this on 6 super rich planets?

as few as possible.

ideally, all in one system, but a couple of jumps out is OK if the space is reasonably safe/you have intel channels or a scout.
a key part of setting up a chain is to think it through and try to minimize the amount of time you spend out derping around in an Epithal.
My whole chain is setup across two wormhole systems. It’s a PITA as I have to wait for a connection to move goods in from my farm to my corp home hole to do the next stages of production, but I’m in a position where I can happily wait for such a connection. As a general rule, this kind of silliness is not advised.
PI starts paying off after the chain has been running a few months and you get all the knots worked out of it, after that it’s a pretty low effort, fairly lucrative income stream.

PI is how I am able to pay Princess

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Using 1-character maxed PI does 2 planets for one type of P1 and 2 planets for another type of P1 generate enough of both P1 to use the remaining 2 planets for P2 from the first four planets? The planets I am at are decently rich in resources.

Or is it 5 planets generating 2 types of P1 not overkill for the last planet to be a P2 factory.

Example, I want to farm Chiral Structures and Toxic Metals on 4 rich planets. Is this enough P1 too accommodate 2 planets with factories making Consumer Electronics or just one?

Answering this from experience will really help me get the ratio better, so thanks.

i somehow doubt you’ll keep two factory planets fully fed with four extraction planets.
all I can say is try it and see. if they’re as rich as you say and you run two or three day extraction cycles, then maybe.

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I had Pi set up on another account before it was sent to Doomheim.

I just cannot face the prospect of ever setting it all up again, yes it could generate some good Isk but I’d rather do without lol.

With max PI skills your CC should have 19’000MW of Power and 25’415TF of CPU available or the very least my character has that. You’ll need a Launch Pad [700MW, 3600TF], maybe 2 Storage Facility [700MW, 500TF x2] 1 for each of the P1 resources, set aside 900MW and 600TF for links between facilities, this leaves you with 16’000MW and 20’215TF for as many Advanced Industry Facilities as your can fit [700MW, 500TF each] - which is roughly 22-23. Such a planet consumes and produces resources at an hourly rate:


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Be prepared to swap planets through the month and stock pile materials. When materials are becoming short, consider buying some to feed the setup you currently have using funds from other operations.

Yeah, there’s a few inputs I may look at buying too make up for production shortfalls.
Need to do a bit of a major rework on my chain at some stage. Working across two wormholes gives me plenty of time to build up stockpiles, but I have very limited Planktic Colonies/Biomass capability.

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You agree also that there can always be a few hours downtime and that PI is just a pleasant reward for being Omega @Uriel_the_Flame

Side Note and question for Uriel had you ever done PI? It’s not boring as most assume.

I did a lot of PI for a long time. Took a break from it for a few years, just getting my chain back up and driving now.
It’s a nice side hustle income stream. I share a bearhole with some corpmates and there isn’t always sites to run when I’m able to get on, so PI is something to keep the wallet ticking along.
In my old C4, I ran my chain pretty hard for many years and made bank. I still have some 25k units of nanite paste from those days.
Once I work out the knots on the chain, it’ll be pretty low maintenance. I run seven day extraction cycles and usually reset early.

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Another question. Generally speaking across Eve, is it more cost effective for selling out to sell P2 construction blocks or p3 robotics.
This is generally speaking, I have access to some planets and not others, so robotics seems like the best p3 for me.

Thanks for any help.

Look at those dates oh how I too miss those dates

/@Celestial_Rider in. A Tick I can pull up a very useful link to guide what is selling best and where

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That would be great. Thanks

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So with the PI and I am sure others could agree that different times of the year the demand changes based on various factors.

So to touch base on knowing what others are pricing their materials I found the Fuzzwork Market Data extremely handy for a quick glance.

Then to save travel times, set clones around New Eden and find planets that will extract and produce what the current demand based on what others are buying for or even list it at the sale price.

Sometimes you can even calulate your profits from PI based on the current buy demand orders.
(I do this offen If I need to send ISK to my Highsec Princess).

/this is one of my T3/t4 setups on a lowsec temperate planet in a quiet system.

I just found this site, A4E - PI profitability ( I having trouble sorting through the data. There is one column that should mean which overall is best to produce, but they give 3 columns of relevant data. Which column determines the best planetary setup for how to setup my pi in null with the most overall profit. Each column seems like the right one, but i must choose wisely.


I have looked over that site and found that there is a help screenshot to guide you through the data.

I feel that offers a micro level for your affairs in New Eden. Personally I am at a macro level and feel that site could become an information overload.