How do I save my current skill queue?

I want to save my current skill queue before I try using the new skill planner. How do I save my existing skill queue? I see that it will allow me to create a new skill plan, but I don’t see a way to save the existing queue.

it doesn’t override what you currently have in the skill queue, it will just create a plan towards a certain skill. You can add that to the skill queue, or if you like, take what skills you have in your queue currently and make your own skill plan based on that.

Thank you for your reply Geo. I did seem to overwrite my skill queue though…

On one of my other characters, I added a number of skills by clicking on the button in a popup in the fitting window for a ship and gear which that character didn’t have the skills for, and it replaced the skills that were in my queue. It didn’t preserve them, and it didn’t add to them, it deleted the old skills and replaced them–that’s what it looks like it did to me. Maybe I did something wrong. There may be other ways the UI (or I) will delete what is in the current skill queue. In any case, I would really like to be able to save my current skill queue.

If I can save it as a plan, that’s fine, I just want to be able to save the existing skill queues on my alts before I start trying the new UI because I already had a skill queue get overwritten. Some of my alts have queues out to 140+ days. I’ve looked and I don’t see a way to save my current skill queue as a plan, I only see the way to create a new one. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me figure out how to save my existing skill queue, and thanks again Geo for the information.

Sounds like you did something different than I did. Granted I only have 2 things in my Queue, when I created a plan it did include 2 skillbooks I didn’t own, and the option to add it to my training queue was blocked out until I chose to buy said books.

So I created 2 different plans and neither overrode my current training.

Ah, the fitting window, yea I didn’t do that, I went strictly in the new UI, and created a personal plan, it will not over ride your current training.

Well, I can just screenshot my current skill queues, but it’s like ten alts or so… worst case I just go put them together again from scratch, it’s not too difficult just time consuming. It sure would be nice though to be able to just save the existing queue as a plan or something, that would save me a few hours.

Thanks again for your help Geo.

I’m trying to find the right place to request similar:

Create skill plan from skill queue

I have >1y in queue that I don’t feel like manually recreating to try out this feature

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