Training Queue: copying skill queue

Since it is possible to select all skills I thought I could CTRL-C them for importing them to Evemon. The training is currently stopped on that Character and the skill queue won’t be saved or be transmitted by the API). Maybe you could also add a “export skill queue” and a “copy skill queue” item to the existing burger menu. And also it would be nice to be able to save that edited skill queue despite of no active training.

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I’ve not used EVEMon since the switch to ESI, but by using the ESI, shouldn’t it read the skills anyway regardless of training or not?

EVEMon does list the skills in your queue - whether it is paused or active. It also shows a count of the number of skills in the queue.

You can export a skill plan from EVEMon and import it into Eve. You can also copy the queue to the clipboard in EVEMon if you want to paste it into some other tool. There is no obvious use case for going the other way.

Well I noticed that Eve really now saves the queue. That’s new. A few or more month ago I remember me designing my skill queue and had to notice that my work was for nothing. Indeed, it took a while, but it transmits it to Evemon now. But anyways, such an export function would be the faster way and when you try to sync queues between accounts you wouldn’t have to install Evemon. Just the good old copy & paste action.

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I wonder why this isn’t a standard feature.


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