QoL - Ordering and moving skills

Please can you allow us to move multiple skills at once. for example i may have set level 1-5 for a certain skill but i want to move it to the top. When they are in the middle or the bottom its a pain, you can only move one at a time.

Also can we have right click option - move to top/move to bottom please.

Trying to move skills around generally in a big skill list is difficult


Related, love to be able to add several levels of a skill to the front of the queue (just after having brought the book) without having to do a lot of dragging around. Like it the add to front of queue was smart enough to put it in after the pre-required lower levels.

Hold shift and drag the line to add the next level.

Get a skill organiser like evemon. It’s got basic features like moving groups of skills or adding prerequisites. Probably quicker to organise in evemon then copy the list and overwrite your current one on the eve client.

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