Skill Training - move to top

Whenever adding a new skill it goes to the bottom of the queue. If the queue is too long, it requires the user to grab it, hold it, then scroll to the top, hoping to drop it correctly – or drag and drop it higher, scroll, drag and drop again, and repeat until you get it to the top.

It shouldn’t be require so much manual dexterity with a mouse, to move a skill to the top of the queue.

In addition to the little x to remove a skill, there should be a small arrow to send it to the top (or as high as it can go, depending on pre-requisites). I honestly can’t believe no one thought of this…

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Nobody has probably thought of this, because plans exist for a reason. You plan ahead of time what order you need the skills to be, and place skills as necessary.

You are right, putting the new skill at the bottom of the skill queue is idiotic but hey, even people with degrees can have their duh moments.

There used to be an option to R click and add to top of queue, can you not do that on photon?

I don’t know about r-click, like many other shortcuts I have to find out as I go along or spend my time online instead of in the game.
The more I play this game the more I think my main activity in EVE will be to hunt for information that I should’ve known from the start.

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This has to be the dumbest comment I’ve seen all week.

Plans never change. No one ever updates their skill plan, and adds new things they discover they need during the course of play.

In fact everyone starts the game knowing every ship they want to fly, and all the activities they want to pursue, and they place them all in the exact order they have decided to do them, and it never changes.

But trolls must troll.

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