How do I scan down things

just how do I

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i more so mean for like gas sites

Probe scanning is how you scan down gas sites. Watch the video. There isn’t a single question you could ever have about EVE that there isn’t an instructional Youtube video for. In other words, take 5 seconds and search Youtube or Google it…


thats too hard.


It’s not like there’s a search engine out there!!!

Stop being mean!

any time i try to scan something down it stops at a number and does not go up

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Have you moved your probes or changed their configuration?

it was the AU

It won’t let me post.

Very nice image though

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That’s not posting correctly either.

what am I doing wrong here

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that is supposed to say 92%

Have you flipped the view and centered it again?

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what buttons do i press for that to happen


make that 93%

and yes it does not help

Keep reducing the size of the probe’s scan area. Do you have them set to “pinpoint”?

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