How do I select a monitor for the fixed window mode?

I would like EVE to run on my second monitor, but in full screen and fixed window mode it always launches on my first monitor. From what I have read, there used to be a monitor selection control - is it possible to get it back or am I missing something.

I am running Launcher 1156239.1058 on Linux using Wine. It runs fine in all respects except for this minor ‘issue’.

Thanks for any help you can give me!

I think you can only do that ingame in the Graphics settings by selecting the output 1 or 2 in the graphics card selection drop down. Alternatively, you can use an external windows manager software. If I remember correctly, ISBoxer has such a functionality and there was another windows manager advertised for EVE a while ago in the old forum’s third party dev forum.


Thanks, Rivr. That is what I have read elsewhere. I don’t have that option in the game. I can choose the graphic mode - windowed, full screen, etc. I do not see any option to choose the output, let alone a graphics card selection.

I have an additional option “Display Adapter” between UI Scaling an Preset Interval. That option might only be available on newer cards (I’m running an RX570) or because I use 2 display port connections. If you also use a similar setup, I don’t know what else could be done aside of using software to achieve that.

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